Vision Impaired Products


ZoomText  v.

1 is a powerful software for vision impaired people through which the user can see and hear everything more clearly than ever. Using ZoomText 9.1 xFont you see a clear and high quality text that the user can easily recognize. Neo Speech is an additional ...

Microsoft Digital Lens  v. Technical Preview

Digital Lens provides UI designers and developers the tools to view the visual design as it would be seen by vision impaired users.Vision problems affect most of the population during their lives. Digital Lens was designed with the mission to simplify ...


VisioVoice  v.1.0.1

VisioVoice is an application that enhances access to Mac OS X for blind and vision impaired users. It adds multilingual support to Apple's excellent VoiceOver screen reader technology for a number of languages, as well as providing several other speech ...

Arecont Vision  v.

Arecont Vision manufactures HDTV surveillance IP cameras and software. Leveraging its MegaVideo® technology, the company offers the world's fastest multi-megapixel (10MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP, 2MP and 1.3MP) network cameras supporting full-motion video frame ...

Fathom It!  v.1 2

Resizes up to entire screen, ideal for vision-impaired users.

AceReader Pro  v.8.2

Speed Reading, Reading Fluency, Vision Training, Reading Assessment and Online Reader Software for all ages. AceReader Pro provides you with three tools in one: (1) A training tool that will help you become a more proficient reader both online and offline.

CQ100  v.2 10

* Keyboard 'Hot Keys' provide a simple interface for vision impaired operators.
* 'Round-Table' QSO's are possible because any frequency may have a large number of listeners.

ESP Pinball Xtreme  v.1 3

This title promises to deliver adrenaline-pumping, hyper-cool pinball like you've never experienced before. Built on the ESP Pinball second generation audio engine, the sequel to one of accessible gamers' favorites promises to deliver endless fun for ...

DynaMan  v.2. 2. 2006

Enter the high energy world of DynaMan and conquer the electron grid in this fast-paced, multi-level grab n' run style game. As the main character DynaMan, you'll navigate several stacked 3D layers of twisting pathways and transports gathering electrons ...

ESP Whoop Ass  v.1.0.1

ESP Whoopass is a boxing game, based on the ESP Pinball game. Mr. Whoopass is the barman in the Silver Dollar Saloon and you like visiting this saloon, although Mr. Whoopass does not really contribute to the nice atmosphere. Maybe it's time to teach him ...

BG Uno  v.1 1

BG Uno is an accessible version of the popular card game Uno. Uno has a special deck with four suits, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Each suit has 22 cards 0, 1 to 9 twice, 2 Reverses, 2 Skips and 2 Draw Twos. In addition there are 4 Wild cards and 4 Wild ...

BG Word Target  v.1 1

Spoonbill Word Target is a game of anagrams. A 9-letter word is chosen at random from the dictionary, its letters scrambled and presented in a 3 by 3 grid. The central letter is referred to as the Target letter and must be included in every word you make.

Christmas Whoop Ass  v.1.0.1

Playing as Elf, it's your job to take down psycho Santa Stanley, after having huge amounts of fun winding him up of course), in the best way possible, with your fists! The game therefore comprises a number of bare fist, no holds barred rounds against ...

The Ultimate Soundoku  v.1.0.3

As the Sudoku craze sweeps across the world, young and old alike are discovering the addictive fun of this brain-busting puzzle game.

Though it exists in many forms, the basic concept is always the same: fill in every square on the puzzle-grid ...

ESP Pinball Classic  v.1 8

Pinball has been one of those true classic arcade games with ongoing appeal to generations old and young. Each theme has it's own obstacles and objectives, sound effects and ambience, and scoring system.

Main features:
-Six exciting and ...

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