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PC-Rail Hengelo  v.5 1

The largest PC-Rail simulation to date, based in the east of the Netherlands. With 8 stations including Hengelo, Enschede and Almelo, the operating is fascinating and intricate.

The area runs from west of Wierden to Enschede, part of the main ...

VIA Vinyl AC 97 Codec Combo Driver  v.7.0b

VIA Audio is a premier provider of AC'97 audio codecs. Leading the market with the world's first Six Channel audio codec, VIA has gone on to provide high quality fully featured codec solutions for all segments of the market.VIA also produces codecs for ...


Indian Rail Guide  v.

Indian Rail Guide helps to get information about Indian Railways, trains schedule, status, etc.

Following are the salient features:
- Fixed Train Live status change
- Added link to IRCTC mobile site
- Fixed PNR ...

Rail Planner  v.

Rail Planner brings a high quality UK rail information app to Windows Phone 7. Fully licensed by National Rail Enquiries, Rail Planner can be used to plan upcoming journeys and get up to the minute status of any active train service in the UK (excluding ...

Rail Simulator  v.

Rail Simulator is their title for the simulation genre based on the necessary pillars to satisfy the rails fans.

Rail Simulator is a fresh incursion into the railway simulation genre and an opportunity for lovers of trains and stations to ...

Via Galactica  v.1. 6. 2006

Via Galactica is an exciting space exploration and trading game which tens of thousands of people have downloaded and played again and again.Via Galactica is proper freeware: there are no trial periods, no passwords, no registration requirements, and ...

PC-Rail Darlington  v.5 1

Darlington's association with the rail industry goes back to 1825 and the world's first public railway, parts of which are still in use.

The historical North Road station is included in the control area, but this simulation is based on today's ...

PC-Rail Leicester  v.5 1

PC-Rail Leicester's simulation covers the busiest part of the area, 8.5 miles between the Syston triangular junction and Wigston North Junction.
Leicester Power Box controls 54 route miles of the Midland main line between Loughborough North Junction ...

PC-Rail Sheffield  v.5 1

This major rail centre in South Yorkshire provides a real challenge. Train operations are complex, with many trains terminating here, others changing direction and freight traffic to be fitted in between the frequent passenger services.

In ...

PC-Rail Edinburgh Waverley  v.5 1

PC-Rail Edinburgh Waverley is one of the Modern Series simulations and provides detailed and realistic modelling of railway operations, accurately representing the running of trains on the corresponding real network, especially in areas of significant ...

PC-Rail Ipswich  v.5 1

PC-Rail Ipswich it is an easy to install software.

To install the Ipswich software, follow these simple steps:

- Click on the Download button
- Choose to Save the file to your hard disk
- Run the file to start installation

PC-Rail South Devon  v.5 1

PC-Rail South Devon features :
- High degree of realism
- User friendly interface
- Operator performance measurement
- Mouse or keyboard operation
- Full signalling
- Realistic train behaviour
- Many options
o ...

PC-Rail Newcastle  v.5 10

Newcastle is a major rail centre on the East Coast Main Line between London and Edinburgh. Trains cross the River Tyne on one of two bridges, the High Level Bridge, designed by Robert Stephenson, and the King Edward VII Bridge, allowing north-south trains ...

Rail of War  v.1 3

Rail of War : A Complete Source of Enjoyment.

Hey guys come on!! Spend your holiday with fun and exciting games. We the ? company are here to entertain you with lots of exciting games. Here we are introducing a new game ?Rail of ...

Rail Gun Model  v.1.0

Rail Gun Model simulates a rail gun created by running current through long rods generating a magnetic field that accelerates a current-carrying cross-rod. The simulation shows the generated magnetic field. Users can adjust the current in the rails and ...

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