Vci Automation System


Lanmisoft Home Automation  v.2.2.0

The program Lanmisoft Home Automation is based on relay boards with FTDI FT245R USB to parallel FIFO chip and Maxim 1-wire temperature sensors. Depending on the connected hardware, you can create complex automation system without any knowledge about parallel ...

Model 8825 System Controller Demo  v.3.0

The Aprilaire Model 8825 System Controller is the 'smarts' of the Aprilaire HVAC Automation System. It works in conjunction with the Aprilaire Model 8870 Thermostat to provide the means to manage comfort and control the energy costs that heating and cooling ...


XpressDox Document Assembly for Office  v.3.0

No other document automation system offers better value for money than XpressDox. XpressDox takes document assembly to a new level. Not only is it one of the most powerful document assembly systems on the market, it is also one of the most versatile.

DRS 2006 Professional Package  v.2 11

This package includes many more features which are based on a full radio automation system with full networking and 'walk away' functions. Full radio automation at its very best. If you really want to 'fly even higher in radio heaven' then this is your ...

DRS 2006  v.2.11

This program is a multi-module radio automation system with support for mp3PRO streaming.

MegaSeg  v.4.5

MegaSeg is a totally self-contained DJ music mixing and radio automation system which benefits from the ease, mobility, and reliability of Mac computers.MegaSeg enables DJs and radio stations to put their massive music libraries on their Mac and seamlessly ...

WaveCart  v.4.0

Network Triggers: Start and Stop (amongst other functions) a stack based on network triggers! Now in conjunction with the pass-through mixer, you can use WaveCart for simple station ID/Spot replacement by sending PAD/MetaData from your automation system.

DBpoweramp Dalet Codec  v.4.0.2

Dalet is a popular Radio Automation system used worldwide. In the early days (in version 4.3), Dalet only supported their own audio format (.snd). These days other formats are also supported, but many broadcasters still have a back catalogue of audio ...

Ultimate MP3 Studio  v.

The Ultimate MP3 Studio is not just another jukebox, it's a real small automation system like the ones used by the broadcasting pro's. That's why you can find a lot of funtionality from broadcast systems. Create your own music playlists with drag'n'drop ...

DRS 2006 Broadcast Processor PRO  v.1.0

Designed specially for the DRS 2006 radio automation system, this is a high end audio processor for Internet and FM broadcasting.

Closely simulating the signal chain of a traditional FM broadcast station, this plugin offers auto gain control, ...

MARC Magician Professional 2011  v.4.0

It is the perfect companion to your existing library automation system.

Print customizable cards and labels.This award-winning software remains the industry standard for cataloging. With it, a professional librarian can catalog any material!

VelbusLink  v.

VelbusLink is free software to configure your Velbus Home Automation system.

Main Features :
- works with USB interface module: VMB1USB
- works with RS232 interface module: VMB1RS
- create a custom label for each module

Automate with GOFLOW Lite 3.5  v.3 5

GOFLOW Lite is a low cost entry to the GOFLOW automation system. Automate boring computer tasks you do every day: Act when files arrive in a directory, Send alert emails when a website goes down , Automatically restart applications, respond to emails

Requires ...

Active Home Vista  v.2.4.1

Active Home Vista is the control centre of your home automation system. You can control all your devices, software the X10 interface and receive updates from the X10 interface to see what s going on X10-wise.Active Home Vista was designed to be the 'control ...

DynaWizard  v.3.0

DynaWizard is a maintenance automation system for Windows, designed for use wherever workstation configurations need to be retained no matter what is done by the users of the computer.Near Zero Maintenance for Windows
DynaWizard is a maintenance automation ...

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