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SplineTech VBS Debugger

SplineTech VBS Debugger is an award-winning VBS debug tool that enables you to easily edit and debug VBS files, debug VBS scripts and JS scripts. Native support for JavaScript, Jscript, VBScript and Windows Scripting Host (wscript).

VBS Registrar  v.1.9.221

VBS Registrar is a useful application for the users that need to keep track of multiple VBS registration cards. The program can help you save time by storing the data in a database and providing you with the option to print certain reports in seconds.


Vbs To Exe  v.2.0.2

Vbs To Exe converts VBS (.vbs) files to the EXE (.exe) format.


- Visible and invisible applications
- Inclusion of additional files, icon and version information
- Creation of 32-Bit and 64-Bit EXE files
- ...

Wait Freeware  v.2.0

Wait command for batch files. This small command suspends the execution of the batch file for a specified number of milliseconds.Usage: Wait . where is the number of milliseconds to wait.

Wait  v.

Suspend the batch execution and wait for some time. Wait is a Windows software that will let you to suspends the execution of the current batch until the time-out interval elapses.Using Wait
You should start Wait from command prompt or from another ...

Mexico/US Border Wait Times  v.

Mexico/US Border Wait Times presents a simple interface showing bi-directional border wait times from both the US and Mexican perspectives. No need to tap multiple times to check your favorite border crossing it's all on one compact tile.

Tap ...

Canada/US Border Wait Times  v.

1 - Northbound wait times at Canada land border ports

Canada Border Wait Times is now Canada/US Border Wait Times!

Shows US and Canada bound land border wait times from entry points from across Canada where information is available.
- ...

Border Wait Times  v.

** New: Update Times on Border Tile

Border Wait Times (with Border Cams) presents a simple interface showing bi-directional border wait times from both the US and Canadian perspectives. No need to tap multiple times to check your favorite border ...

Disney World Wait Times  v.

Attraction wait times for Disney World covering the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

RMV Wait Times  v.

Looking for the nearest Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles office? Sick of waiting in endless lines?

RMV Wait Times helps you:
- Find the closest RMV office to you (based on your GPS location)
- Tells you how long the wait is for ...

Just You Wait!  v.

Winphone remake of the classic console game "Just you wait!" (or Nu pogodi!) from the 80's. Despite many implementations of this game exists yet, we don't want to exclude it from our classic game collection.
The game's user interface is identical ...

Touch Wait Run  v.

Touch Wait Run is a game where you just have to hold your hand on the phone, when the signal comes, you need to release your hand and get the score. Let’s score the highest score today!

Wait until  v.

Have you ever been waiting for a big event? Counting down till the date of the event?
Then this is your application.
You can save a specific date and time, then you will see insantly how many years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds you ...

Wait til your father gets home!  v.

A lot of parents find it difficult to give appropriate consequences to their children when they misbehave. This is normal as we have a close and loving relationship with them. However, holding children accountable for their actions is the only way they ...

Busy Wait Analyser  v.1.0

A tool to analyse Java programs in order to show if and where they employ busy waiting".

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