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Dolphin SuperNova Screen Reader  v.12.0

SuperNova Screen Reader has been developed for computer users who are blind and can be used at home, at work and in education.

Developed for blind computer users, SuperNova Screen Reader is a software screen reader that works by reading the ...

SoftCollection ICQ SMS Sender

* Automatically remembers used mobile telephone numbers.
* Automatically remembers last state.


Windows Supervisor

Windows Supervisor will help to control how your computer is being used at home or in the office and is perfect for monitoring children and employees. As administrator you will be able to see all users, opened windows, executed programs, keyboard typing, ...

Witricity Power

The Witricity Power Calculator is used to find the power consumption of various electrical devices like Laptop, Computer, Cell Phone, Ipod charger and many many other electrical products used at home.

The software allows you to select the device ...

Mortgage Note Buyer

We can buy residential, commercial and mobile home notes. The whole process starts with filling out the form below in it's entirety, doing this allows our expert note analyst's to determine the value of your note. mortgage note ...

Video Thumbnails Maker  v.

The utility can be used for home-video cataloging and for network video sharing support.
Video Thumbnails Maker is coming with its own Viewer! The main advantage of the Viewer is the ability to start the related video-file right from the Viewer! ...

Park Sidekick  v.

If you need a computer software that is easy to use and includes great features to save you time and money, now
it's time for you to try a complete and simple management solution: Park Sidekick Software! Park Sidekick was designed specifically for mobile home park owners ...

TERRASCIENCES Unit Conversion Program  v.1.0

TERRASCIENCES Unit Conversion Program is a free program that can be used to convert values of one type of unit to another. All units are grouped into categories for easy location of the needed conversion. The program supports many different categories ...

Data Recovery Software NTFS  v.

Data recovery software NTFS is used by home, educational institutional, business organizational level users to retrieve missing, damaged, corrupted files from their desktop PC or laptop. Data recovery software NTFS easily restores lost songs, movies, ...

OlsMsrEditor  v.1.3

MSRs are Machine Specific Registers that are used to set values for hardware to use, or to pass values between the BIOS and kernel. This package provides utilies to both read and write MSRs. Reading and writing MSRs might be useful when debugging kernel ...

QIP Speed Test  v.

Hundreds thousand users already checked the quality of their mobile & home Internet using it. All data are being gathered anonymously and uploaded to the service map. Check up your Internet connection more often, and we all will see how ...

Zillow  v.

The Zillow Real Estate app lets you see Zestimate® home values, Rent Zestimates, homes for sale, homes for rent, and more as you walk or drive through neighborhoods using the built-in GPS technology that finds your location.

- See Zestimate ...

Cooking Units  v.

Cooking Units will help convert various cooking units used in home kitchens. Cooking Units has been designed to keep simplicity and ease of use for busy people.

Cooking Units is supported by developer, please provide feedback for adding new features/new ...

Accumulate  v.1.3

Used to accumulate values by category. It might be useful for example in a billing program to accumulate hours by various categories. It could be used to count how many times various words occurred in a document. All you need is: buckets.accumulate( "somecategory", ...

FloodMap Mobile  v.

+ Your home has a 26% chance of being damaged by a flood during the course of a 30-year mortgage in a high-risk area, compared to a 10% chance of fire.
+ The average annual U.S. flood losses from 1994 to 2004 were more than $2.4 billion.

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