Unregistered Hypercam


HyperCam  v.2.13.00

HyperCam captures the action and sound from any part of Windows desktop and saves it to standard AVI movie files. Captures cursor movements, menus selections, windows popping up and everything else you see on the screen. Correctly handles color palette ...

SolveigMM HyperCam  v.3.0.912.7

HyperCam is screen cast and editing tool that is low-cost smart and easy to use piece of software. It is intended to record screen actions, video and sound being played back on PC and edit captured files. Creating video presentations, tutorials, movies ...


SSuite HyperCam Video Phone  v.1.0.1

HyperCam Video Phone was designed to be a server-less communicator for use within any Local Area Network and Wi-Fi networks. This communication app is an ideal replacement for all internet/network chat and video connections in companies, home networks, ...

PINO 3-Server

It supports unregistered and registered users, users can join multiple rooms, the Administrator can define static system rooms, 4 levels of user rights are available, security based on IP addresses is implemented, the Administrator can show his own ad/info ...

Disk Text Savior

The unregistered version only can save 1000 byte data.
Please purchase for get full version!


But in unregistered version available only 5 levels.

Snake 2

But in unregistered version available only 5 levels on each of 6 levelssets.

Empire XP  v.

Unregistered the program is fully functional but is limited to 4 computer players and 2 maps.

Belkasoft IE History Extractor  v.1.0.1

Belkasoft IE History Extractor allows you to extract your
Microsoft Internet Explorer history to different target formats such as plain
text, CSV, HTML and XML (generation of history in plain text and CSV is FULLY
functional in unregistered mode). It ...

Hyper Cam  v.2 1

HyperCam version 2, a product of Hyperionics, is now offered free for world-wide usage.
HyperCam captures the action from your Windows screen and saves it to AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) movie file. Sound from your system microphone is also recorded.

VBMock  v.1. 2. 2000

Added Strict property to MockControl to allow for unregistered calls to pass.Its an interesting program and its worth having.

SBOOKs - HG Wells  v.109.005

Fully functional program except that UnRegistered Users can only acces first few chapters of each novel. Novels include: The Invisible Man, The Time Machine, and The War of the Worlds.

Full list of eBooks:
Ann Veronica, In the Days of the ...

SBOOKs - George Orwell  v.106.006

Fully functional except that only first few chapters of each book is accessible to Unregistered Users. Includes: Animal Farm, Nineteen Eighty Four and The Road to Wigan Pier.

A Clergyman?s Daughter,
Animal Farm,
Burmese Days,
Collected ...

Web Effects  v.1.0

Create Web Sites full of effects in seconds.
With a few clicks of your mouse Web Effects generates a multi page website full of special effects.
Unregistered version is fully funtional.
Registered users get much more funtionality and many ...

Domain Fetcher  v.4.0

Since 2003, Domain Fetcher has helped domain resellers and entrepreneurs to make the most of their efforts in searching for expired and unregistered domain names. No more monthly fees for similar browser based services. No more wasted hours typing in ...

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