Truckers Home Time Per Diem Calculator


Time and Date Calculator  v.3.2

Time and Date Calculator is a powerful and easy to use date / time related calculator, counter and converter. It has five main purposes: Calculate target date & time by adding/subtracting some time elements (years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes ...

Miles Per Dollar Calculator  v.0.2

Miles Per Dollar Calculator is a Firefox addon, can calculate the estimated price for gas for the distance in miles selected on a page. MPG and gas price are set in the add-on Preferences.
When you select (highlight) with mouse distance to drive (ex: ...


Free Mortgage Loan APR Calculator

This free mortgage loan APR calculator for Windows allows you to quickly calculate Annual Perecentage Rates for home loans. Free APR Calculator is a financial calculator designed for Windows 2000, XP and Vista systems.

Time is Money Freeware  v.1.1.3891.2956

Time Management Rate Calculator. Time is Money can help you calculate how much money you gain or spend hourly.Time is Money Features:
1. Taxi cab meter style display with time and value calculation
2. Rate calculate from hourly rate, and discount ...

AlaTimer  v.2 1

AlaTimer allows each child (Windows user) a pre-configured maximum time, per day, for example 120 minutes. Sixty (60) seconds prior to this period expiring a message will pop-up, asking the user to logoff. AlaTimer could be configured to either logoff, ...

Speed HangMan  v.1.0

Instead of a Scaffold being built, the average speed per puzzle is timed.
You need to complete five puzzles or more to try for best score. Best score is the lowest average time per puzzle.

TinyMonitor - Amazon & AdSense Monitor  v.1.1.0

If you are using Google AdSense or Amazon Associates programs for publishers you probably log in at least one time per day to check earnings. And there are many parameters, much more that just earnings that need to be monitored. Have you ever dreamed ...

SyncTime Express  v.V1.0

SyncTime Express is a complete and affordable project / time management tool that lets you track billable time per project, task, and client. Run the application on your PC to gain valuable insight into the working time required for past projects in order ...

TimeCalcPro  v.

TimeCalcPro is a multi-function time and date calculator. It adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides units of time, adds and subtracts AM/PM times, finds the difference between dates and times, lets you add and subtract from a starting date, and has a ...

Promo Buddy  v.2.0

UNIQUE Internet Marketing Database Software Saves You At Least 33 Minutes Of Your Valuable Time Per Day!
Ezine directories - Now you can keep track of your ezine directory submissions and use a checkbox to make clear if your ad rates are listed ...

CPU  v.1.001

CPU is a Cost Per Unit calculator to assist in deciding what product and packet size is the best value for money. The window stays on top and there are two independent calculations shown to make comparing prices easier. It is written in Assembly Language ...

Fit2dat  v.2.5.2

PET time-activity curves calculator with this program. fit2dat help you calculate the PET time-activity curves (TACs) using parameters of a mathematical function, which have been fitted to the data previously.
Fitfile must be in the DFT fit format; ...

Toolbox Plus - Free!  v.

It includes a stop watch, an event timer for up to six events, world time, easy tip calculator, sale price calculator, date calculator, unit converter, mortgage calculator, bmi calculator, countdown timer, todo list with task priorities, shopping ...

Chess from TS  v.

Game features:
- good engine
- computer game modes: time per move oder half moves
- easy mode, where the computer blunders
- unlimited undo/ redo of moves
- analysis mode ...

MoneyToys Very Simple Loan Calculator  v.1 7

The MoneyToys(tm) web site calculator collection has grown again with the addition of a Very Simple Loan Calculator. The MoneyToys collection contains 12 financial calculators which you can easily add to your web site and is available for only $139.95 ...

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