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Multilizer 2011 .NET Translator  v.7. 8. 2007

NET development tool are very easy to translate to foreign languages. The tool enables also outsourcing and crowdsourcing translations.

Multilizer .NET Localizer, on the other hand, simplifies translation project management. It also provides ...

MultiTranse  v.6.4.1

MultiTranse is a software that employs free online resources to translate to/from English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Thai, Hebrew, Korean, ...


Translate Opera Extension  v.1.3

Make the whole web accessible: this extensions uses Google Translate to detect the language of each page you visit and offer to translate foreign pages into English. When a page is detected to be written in another language, a bar will appear at the ...

Inline Translator  v.0.95

Inline Translator is a Opera extension, a language tool to translate selected text or text input contents on a web page.This is a software to quickly translate text that you have selected on a web page. Once you have selected some text, press a keyboard ...

Jalada's Textual  v.2.5.2002

jalada Textual is your Swiss Army Knife to edit any kind of text based files. Whether you simply need a tool to edit your configuration files, an application to modify or reformat large text files, a programming IDE or just an editor to tweak your web ...

Jalada Blocked  v.1.2.2002

jalada Blocked is the game to give your brain a workout. It is the logical extension of Tetris into the third dimension. A delightfully addictive, fast-paced puzzle game for the whole family. Placed firmly in the boundary between puzzle and collapse games.

Image Converter One  v.1 2

Make photos good quality less file size
Support EXIF image information after convesion and resizing
Support multi-language, very easy to translate to any language ...

Manageability Resource Translator Tool  v.1.0

We also support Google Translate to make it easy to get started with translations. Once done, simply point the tool back at a parent folder and strings will be re-injected back into resource files. If translations in a new language exist, new resource ...

WooSnap! Internet Search  v.1 2

>> Would you like to read a website written in a foreign language? No problem; just set ?Translate? to ?Auto? and read any site on the web!

>> Want to compare shopping at four or five websites? Simply select the sites from the list ...

Desktop Emailer  v.1.00

With the ability to translate to and from the most popular formats: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, CSV, and delimited text files, you can take your current contact list and quickly load it into Desktop Emailer. With a famaliar user interface and ...

MD5 Hash Viewer  v.1.0.3641.29333

Using today's technology, it is not possible to discover a pair of files that translate to the same hash value.Repeatability
Each time a particular file is hashed using the same algorithm, the exact same hash value will be produced.Irreversibility
All ...

App Rating  v.

* speed boost: typically more than 5 times faster
* tap any review to translate to English ...

Lexis Builder  v.1.3.2000

Lexis Builder is a tool that builds a Language Alchemist vocabulary extension from a common data source, like CSV, in just a few steps. The Builder assists you descriptive during the whole build process, from selecting the data source to installing your extension.

Yam - The Killer Potato  v.1.5.2001

In Yam - The Killer Potato you take on the role of the fearless agent, Yam. Yam's mission is to infiltrate the various enemy bases around his homeworld and rescue as many MIAs as possible. Features: Over 25 missions, more than 8 hours' gameplay! 4 difficulty ...

Jalada Boskonian  v.1.1.2001

Defend the earth by destroying the enemy bases while evading enemy ships, asteroids and mines. How the Boskonian Wars started, no one knows. The Federal Earth Council suffered massive losses to the Boskonian enemy's seemingly impenetrable enemy base fortress.

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