Tour De France Winners


French Pride France - Tour De France Twitter flwp7  v.

French Pirde app provides the Flag of France as a tile on the home screen.. A great way to show pride in France by having a French flag on you windows phone. It also has:
Tour De France Twitter Tweets
France Fun Items ...

Le Tour 2012  v.

All information on the Tour de France with info of each of the 20 stages, leaderboards for the tellow, green, mountain and white jersey and the results of the last stage.

The application is interactive with showing live news feed and twitter ...


Le Tour  v.

Information about the Tour de France 2012. The app gives an overview about all the stages and the standings per stage. There is also an innovative news hub where you can navigate between tweets about #tdf. All this in real time! Results of the stages ...

Pro Cycling Manager - Season 2010  v.

Benefiting from a new more beautiful and more powerful graphic engine, Pro Cycling Manager/Tour de France 2010 marks one of the most important steps since the beginning of the series!

For nearly 10 years, the Cycling Manager series, created ...

Everything Cycling  v.

From the Tour de France to a casual ride around the neighborhood, cycling is attractive to all ages and abilities. Here you will find news on everything related to cycling including race results, new routes, and updates from Trek.

MetroTour  v.

MetroTour is an unofficial Tour de France application for Windows Phone with the the latest standings, a live Twitter feed, an enourmous database filled with information about stages, riders and some historical data about the Tour de France.

Keep ...

Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy  v.

The court of King Charles IX is making a grand tour of France. Catherine de Médicis, his mother, victim of a strange curse, decides to pay a visit to her doctor and astrologer, Michel de Nostre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus. But he is too fatigued ...

Nostradamus - The Last Prophecy  v.1.0M

1566 - Salon de Provence - France: the court of king Charles IX is making a frand tour of France. Catherine de Medicis, his mother, victim of strange curse, decides to pay a visit to her doctor and astrologer, Michel de Nostre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus.

TourDeFlex  v.2.0

Tour de Flex is a desktop application for exploring Flex capabilities and resources, including the core Flex components, Adobe AIR, data integration, and a variety of third-party components, effects, skins, and more.

Tour de Flex has three ...

TourDeLiveCycle  v.1.0

Tour de LiveCycle is a desktop application designed by the Adobe Evangelist team to serve as both an introduction to Adobe LiveCycle ES2 and an extensive reference tool.

Have organized over 1,000 pages of content into a hierarchical tree that ...

Les Indés Radios  v.

Bienvenue sur l'application Les Indés Radios, la bonne idée radio !

Découvrez "Le mur du son !" une innovation qui permet de visualiser les artistes en cours de diffusion sur + de 120 radios FM indépendantes de France.

Qu'elles soient ...

Radioactivité  v.

Cette application va vous permettre de connaître la radioactivité réelle autour de vous. Mais ce n'est pas tout puisque vous pourrez également voir une carte de France de la radioactivité. Une application bien utile après la catastrophe nucléaire ...

Taxis G7 Priority  v.

• Be sure to have a taxi 24/24 and 7/7 anywhere in the "Ile de France" region
• You have priority when you book your taxi with your Windows Phone ®
• Benefit of a minimum waiting time thanks to the fleet size and the use of precision ...

Quizz Des Régions  v.

Venez tester vos connaissances dès mainteant sur les régions et départements de France. De quelle région fait parti le département Aquitaine ? Quel département fait parti de la région Auvergne ?
Montrez à vos amis vos connaissances sur les ...

Paris Trafic  v.1.0

Paris Trafic provides information about traffic in Paris and Ile de France. Information is provided under licence by Sytadin.

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