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Botanical Software  v.1

The main advantage of choosing botanical prints is that you can nurture your artistic power and efficiency in creating an inexplicable portraiture. Visit the online sites to select your favorite botanical prints for designing your rooms. You can also ...

WRC FIA World Rally Championship  v.1 1

From the dusty deserts of Jordan to the legendary fast, gravel roads of Finland, challenge yourself through this single stage mode. It's you pitted against the clock and elements.

Start your engine and feel the thrill of stepping into the ...


PlaneView  v.1 1

Reads your modified planes or helicopters (if you own the Deluxe version of RealFlight) and prints a data sheet and a top view of the model.

Can be used to archive and compare different versions of a model.

If you don't have RealFlight, ...

BibleMax Swedish Bible  v.1.0

Swedish is a Germanic language that is spoken mainly in Sweden and in some areas of Finland. This BibleMax module features a Swedish translation of the Bible. It seems to be the version published in1917, according to some comparison tables found on the ...

Reitti 1.7  v.

Reitti is a sleek and powerful application for getting by with the extensive public transportation network of Helsinki metropolitan area of Finland. With carefully and professionally crafted interface Reitti brings all the time tables of buses, metros, ...

The Art of Russia  v.4 6

From the depiction of foreign lands to views of the majestic beauty of its own forests, mountains and plains, the artists of Russia have given the world some of the most beautiful art ever created. Yet they are, for the most part, overlooked by and unknown ...

Poster Buddy  v.2 11

Creating posters from any digital image with Poster Buddy software. The first thing to do is to select the digital image that you want to make your poster from.

Next, you tell Poster Buddy about the paper that you are printing your poster ...

RonyaSoft Poster Designer  v.2.01.39

RonyaSoft Poster Designer is an easy-to-use software program for design and printing of attractive posters, banners, certificates and signs. A collection of ready-to-use predesigned templates and an intuitive user interface allows you to make your own ...

The Hippocratic Oath  v.3 3

The Hippocratic Oath, which has guided physicians and healers since 400 BC, is the background of this screensaver as the caduceus, ancient symbol of the healer, floats in the foreground. A simple, yet elegant, display for the desktop of the healer or ...

Lizard Flashguard Flash Security

Control the number of views and prints or disallow printing altogether. Control when SWF files expire and instantly revoke them. No useless obfuscation or password security. Complete copy protection for SWF flash files.

DivXscope  v.

Main Features :

- Database of digital movies,
- Quick searching of movie datasheets,
- Automatic acquisition of their posters,
- Customization of movie sheets,
- Launch of digital video or playlist directly from ...

Dream Fleet DreamManager B58 Lite Pack  v.2 31

The aircraft model was designed by Mikko Maliniemi of Finland, one of the most talented 3D modelers in the flight simulation industry, and you can be certain that this Baron 58 is one of the most complex and detailed aircraft models ever produced.

CD Trustee  v.2.0.0006

Prints jewel case inserts and CD labels complete with song lists. Catalogs MP3 and WMA files. Prints dozens of reports of your collection. Find any song instantly. Save and print album cover images to insert into jewel cases. Plays CDs and MP3 files.

IDpack Lite  v.7 1

IDpack prints on your own printer with more than 1000 Avery label formats and templates built in. The program consists of a badge designer and a producer. IDpack Designer allows you to customize your badges with text, barcodes, logos, pictures, and more.

The Inventory Keeper  v.3.1.0

It keeps track of customers and prints mailing labels, with or without Postnet barcodes. Keeper also keeps track of your customers' desires with a "wish list." You can search your customers' wish lists automatically when you enter new inventory. As a ...

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