Timelock Padlock


Web Padlock

Web Padlock gives you control over what Web pages can be viewed on your computer. Once installed, it blocks other Web browsers ( Internet Explorer, etc.) from running, leaving Web Padlock as the only Web browser. Only Web sites on the password-protected ...

Video Padlock

Video Padlock is easy to use encryption software that ensures that your downloaded videos are secure and remain private. Create a master password, choose the files you want to encypt and click a button. The files disappear from view and are only viewable ...


Password Padlock  v.

* Password Padlock is completely FREE. No ads.

New in version 2.10 - minor changes for Windows Phone 8. Optional change in import/export encryption for compatibility with Windows 8 version of Password Padlock, currently in development.

Padlock  v.1 10

Each string, password or pin may be in the range of 1 to 32 characters, such a password can contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. To create the password used is also given a string user.

My Secure Notepad  v.1.0

Thanks to my Crypto library, the software can use padlock engine on via C3/C7. To encrypt / decrypt some files, just drag and drop files to the login window. Files are renamed .crypt. Never forget your secret password: no one could ever get your files/data ...


Pre-emptive browser & eCommerce security software that reduces web & email based threats, and justifies confidence in online shopping and internet banking. DrawBridge checks browser security whenever Windows is booted and announces unsafe settings -giving ...

Crypto++ SDK 2007

WARNING: Don't Buy Any Software Protection Product Until You Have Tried For FREE The New Award Winning, Quick, Easy, and Affordable,"Crypto++ SDK 2007" Professional Software Protection System - Risk-Free!

Privacy For Windows 3.2c  v.1.0

With a quick doubleclick of the padlock in the system tray all open programs are minimized and hidden.Once your password is entered all open windows come back in the system tray. This version allows pfw to automatically activate when there is no activity ...

Quote Works  v.1.0

You can also lock an entire row of correct letters by pressing the padlock to the left . For each phrase a clue is provided.If you need a hint for each level, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Agorad Codes  v.

Agorad Codes

Version 1.1 - Section anagrams enabled, update banners.

Permutations, combinations, variations,anagrams? you know what this is?

If you know the math or if you are curious to know how many attempts you have to do ...

DiskCryptor  v.1.0.757.115

o Support for hardware cryptography on VIA processors (PadLock extensions for hardware AES acceleration). o Support for hardware AES acceleration (AES-NI instruction set) on new Intel CPUs. * Transparent encryption of disk partitions. o Choice to select ...

Vector Button_02 Icon Set  v.1.0

These Button Icon Set contains 262 Icons in the Vector file formats ai and svg. In addition, are included the grid formats, ICO, PSD, BMP, GIF and PNG. The formats PNG, GIF and BMP are available in 7 sizes.

Express Login  v.2.4

When the lock mode is on, a padlock mark will appear on every application to notify the user that this app is locked.

ChatBarrier X4  v.10.4.1

Encrypted messages are indicated by a padlock background in the message window and a padlock icon at the bottom of the window. ChatBarrierX4 encrypts and decrypts messages without any user intervention. Intego Download. This is the Intego download ...

Time Splitter Audio  v.1.2.2

Time Splitter Audio is a time code solution designed for professionals involved in audio transcription.Originally developed for the UK's leading forensic laboratory, Time Splitter Audio allows an audio file to be rapidly split into exact time separated ...

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