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DueBetter  v.

Due Better is a new tool to help you improve yourself by doing more tasks and tracking their completion.

Want to work on being better at things like jogging every couple days, eating some healthy every day, calling your mom once a week. Due Better ...

Activities and Priorities

Activities and Priorities (AAP) balances equally and vitally important things like work, health, relationships, main life goals, all things that you should do regularly to have the success in life, be happy and healthy. You cannot directly assign the ...


You and Me  v.

Ever had trouble figuring out what to buy for your loved ones because you like to vary your gifts or you don’t know or can’t remember things like shoe and blouse size, favorite music genre, favorite color or any other personal detail? Do you have ...

Autumn Leaf Screen Saver

For those who believe that simple things like a screen savers must be kept simple.


OLFix (Freeware) for MS Outlook 97 to 2007 combines some tools for repairing common things like the profile, contact links and features, for example calling the internal Outlook repair command line switches with a click of a button. Also some hidden settings ...

Free PC Inventory Software

You will be able to see things like manufacturer, exact model, serial numbers, MAC addresses, clock speed of your processor and more. This program runs on all Windows Systems.

Design Your Keys

Do you know those keys at the top of your keyboard, the F keys, the ones that don't do anything? With Design Your Keys you can design those keys (and 9 other keys) to do useful things, things like start your email program, play Freecell, hibernate your ...

OpenMortal  v.0.7.1

If you ever imagined to be fighting in a game like this yourself, maybe this is a good chance to do it. It's a little complicated to load yourself into a character, but you can do it following the instructions in

Christmas  v.3 20

In this fun Christmas game, you try to decorate various things like a tree and even Santa!

Gazillionaire III  v.3 4

Gazillionaire III is the wildest simulation game you've ever played! Explore new worlds, shop for bizarre things like moon ferns, babel seeds and kryptoons, and make your fortune. Gazillionaire is full of memorable characters and tons of unique and exotic ...

Tiler  v.

You can setup how to tile the image and configure things like border size and colors. The goal of this project is to make an easy way to print multiple wallet size photos on a single 4x6.

Snippage  v.1.0.12

Easily make desktop widgets out of any site!
Snippage lets you take pieces of your favorite web sites and put them on your desktop? Things like that auction you've got your eye on, your web mail's inbox, or even that search box you're always using.

PC Pitstop Erase  v.

However at the same time there are certain things like personal bank transactions, etc., which must be kept private and to attain such important functional features, PC Pitspot Erase is a good program.

The application also works as a track ...

Boost Windows  v.2.3.2011.87

The examples of such problems are slow performance, sudden reboots and things like that. Accumulation of useless install files and temporary files are reasons of these problems. Boost Windows is a small application that was developed for preventing such ...

RAT  v.4. 4. 2001

An async serial/WinSock Telnet temrinal emulator that features things like full color support; user defined buttons with a rich script language; 3-d effects; large, searchable scrollback buffers; in-program install features; smart screen copy and paste; ...

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