Thick Asian Desktop Pictures


MVDesigns Desktop Pictures  v.3

MVDesigns Desktop Pictures Vol.3 is a collection of 40 desktop pictures with a wide variety of textures and patterns. .

Digital Abstract Desktop Pictures  v.1.0

Except for Gummy Globe (which started out as a 35mm slide), these are all single-exposure digital photos, made by moving the camera. Tiny apertures (and slow ISO speeds) were used to get the right exposure. The haikus on Neon Dragonfly and Golden Afternoon ...


Desktop Consoles  v.6

Desktop Concoles Volume 6 (1024 x 768) is a collection of 21 professionally created desktop pictures. Five are included in this free download, and the remaining 16 are available when you register for $10. A preview of one of the desktop pictures is shown ...

The Planets Desktop Picture  v.1.0

Desktop Pictures: The Planets is a collection of 20 shareware images for Mac OS 8. The Planets was inspired by the recent Mars Pathfinder mission. These desktop picture images are meant to express the "music of the spheres"--to express a feeling of the ...

Desktop Gallery  v.1.5b5

Desktop Gallery is a Mac OS 8 system enhancement that turns Mac OS 8's desktop pictures feature into a dynamic background slide show. Simply point Desktop Gallery to a folder of PICT and/or JPEG files, set the time interval to wait between changes, and ...

Desktop Blurrifier  v.1.0.3

Desktop Blurrifier exists for one reason: to make your desktop pictures blurry so you can see your icons easier! And it keeps you focussed on work with less "desktop distraction". Everyone keeps a bunch of icons on their desktop, and it’s a lot easier ...

Easter Bunny Icons  v.1.0

Download a set of 20 cute Easter Bunny icons, and if you want to go all out, download one of the Easter desktop pictures. A preview of some of the icons that are included are shown below. iliCon's Icons with styleand other creations for desktops and web ...

Picture Switcher  v.2.0.3

Picture Switcher is a background application that will put a menu on the right side of your menu bar to switch desktop pictures. It has most of the options of the Desktop preference Pane, and does not need the Finder to be running to work. Night Productions.

Skinny Clock  v.1 15

One more advantage for changing the skin is the visibility with different desktop pictures. There are several pre-made skins available within installation, or you can even design your own skins.

PEMDAS  v.1.2

Donkey Entertainment offers several Mac-related items for download, including a scientific calculator and desktop pictures.

ITunes Chameleon  v.2.0

Chameleon is a tool to create desktop pictures from your iTunes 7 album artwork.It takes a random selection of album artwork, creates a desktop picture for each connected display according to your settings and sets them as desktop backgrounds. It supports ...

Floating on Nasturtiums  v.1.0

About Floating on NasturtiumsAs summer deepens, grows darker greens and longer shadows we made some icons and desktop pictures to illustrate that feeling. The hot, late summers days, the crayfish parties…An ongoing digital romance from Marmalade ...

IMac G5, PowerMac G5 and Cinema Display iconset  v.1

About iMac G5, PowerMac G5 and Cinema Display iconsetMacbillboard iconsets can be used as custom icons, but they also fit to Macbillboard desktop pictures. They have the same isometric perspective and by scaling the icons in OSX, you can fit them exactly ...

Active Desktop Calendar  v.7.96

This fully customizable calendar with notes, tasks, alarms and contacts provides seamless integration and interactivity with the desktop background. You can organize your data in color coded layers and share them with other people on a local area network.

Mars Rising Desktop Picture  v.1.0

Mars Rising Desktop Picture (1024 x 768) is a prototype desktop picture from the popular movie, Mars Rising. A preview of the desktop picture is shown below. Layne Karkruff • Blue Sky Graphic Design. BOLD, DYNAMIC Logo design, GUI/interface design, ...

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