The Grim Reaper


Captain America and The Avengers  v.1 35

The other supervillians in this game are Klaw, The Living Laser, Whirlwind, The Grim Reaper, The Wizard, The Controllers, The Mandarin, The Juggernaut from X-MEN , Ultron and Crossbones. The game ends when the fifth and final stage has been completed.

Grim's Challenge  v.3.0

Chester, an unused sprite seeking to be used in a game, encounters the Neonair reaper. Neonair makes a deal with Chester: if he survives through an onslaught of single-screen levels with a multitude of different challenges, he'll put him in his very own ...


Flip_Themes_Package_Spread_hallowmas  v.1.0

The traditional Celtic name for this night is Samhian (pronounced something like; 'sow-en'), which may mean "summer's end" or may be named after Samana, an Aryan death god who is the Grim Reaper and leader of the ghosts of our ancestors. The veil between ...

Choices  v.

The longer you take to make your decision the closer the Grim Reaper gets to ending your survival.

The key is to survive, choosing the correct door increases your survival time.

Best played by holding with both hands and using your ...

Free Halloween Time Screensaver  v.1.0

Some of the horror animated graphics that are included in the screensaver are grim reaper, screeching cat and bat. The artwork in the screensaver is unique. The spooky animation in the Halloween screensaver makes the scene looks realistic. It is compatible ...

Screensaver Operations  v.1. 3. 2003

Screensaver Operations allows you to perform configurable actions after a computer has been left idle for a specified amount of time.

- Log off user, shut down or restart computer, or run any process when left idle
- Optional ...

Pharaohs’s Gold  v.1.0.5

Only you can save the world from the grim fate of the Pharaoh s curse. Your mission is to retrieve all the stolen gold and return it to appease the pharaoh s spirit. Uncover the mystery that lies dormant in underground catacombs of Egypt and in a strange ...

Grim Tales - The Bride Collector's  v.1.0

Return to the abandoned family mansion and search for clues in Grim Tales: The Bride. Explore your sister's memories to solve the mystery of her disappearance in this exciting hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

The Collector's Edition includes ...

Binary News Reaper

Binary News Reaper will allow us to decode binary articles and save them in our systems. This software also allows to save the information of the news in text articles, it is designed to run in Windows or Linux operating systems.

The software ...

Grim X  v.0.3

Grim X is a graphical frontend for Residual that runs the popular PC Game Grim Fandango on Mac OS X. HSA : Startseite.

How to Play the Guitar Vol1

How to Play the Guitar - Volume I, is a guitar tutorial that makes it easy for absolute beginners to learn to master the instrument. Developed by a professional guitar player and trainer, this multimedia tutorial takes you step-by-step through the fundamentals ...

Acne Free The Natural Way

Learn how to get rid of acne using homemade remedies. Acne is a skin disease caused by an inflamation of the sebaceous glands. The sebum mixes with dead cells on the surface of the skin, clogging the pores. The major contributing factors are processed ...

The Little Calorie Deluxe

The Little Calorie is a diet diary that helps you count calories both what you eat and what you lose by exercise. The Little Calorie is a very god software for people that want to get an overview of their training because of its easy-to-use interface ...

18 Wheels of Steel Pedal to the Metal

Take your show on the road. Drive your rig to make it big and build your business. Money talks when you're in charge, so get the peons to do the driving while you count your cash. You're not only a trucker, you're a tycoon.

The Real Estate Skinny

The Real Estate Skinny is a great way to "run the numbers" for a potential investment. An integrated set of forecast and budget tools for the residential rental property investors, it shows the impact of vacancies, appreciation, taxes, and repairs as ...

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