The Compass


MHX Compass Tutor  v.1.0

MHX Compass Tutor is a stand alone tutorial made to help students learn the basics of the compass rose, and orienteering from different directions. The tutorial allows the user to change the direction they "face" to learn how which direction they would ...

Smart Compass  v.

Smart Compass is the compass in your pocket, when you need it, where you need it!

The compass accuracy depends on your device exactly. If it is inaccurate, please check the magnetic field values and reset your sensors.


Compass 7  v.

Please ensure you have the hardware update for the compass to work, Samsung Omnia 7 requires a patch from Samsung.

Version 2.0
- New Modern compass face
- Live tile update on last reading
- New background image

Version 1.

Compass Expert  v.

Set the compass dial and rotate the baseplate until the needle is in the house.
2. See the declination for your current location.
3. Understand important concepts by reading the included guide.
4. Works while in airplane mode and with GPS ...

Kompass  v.

Kompass is a simple digital compass with detection of position, altitude and speed via GPS. The application is fully customizable by the user (background, color display and start tile).

Trial version:
- Full functionality of the compass
- ...

Muslim Qibla  v.

A tool for showing qibla direction (Muslims prayers direction towards Makkah)
It features:
- Using the compass sensor and GPS to accurately determine the direction to Makkah from your current location.
- Two compass modes; rotate needle ...

GPS App  v.

Simple and easy to use geo caching application - Happy hunting!

* The graphics has been updated and is now using the compass from the very impressive c:geo app!
* The settings menu UI has been changed to be more user-friendly ...

Map & GPS Info  v.

Map and gps information out of the box
Get your current location, monitor gps information and watch the compass. The integrated map shows you either a bing, google, openstreetmap or opencylce map (of course with compass and gps information!)
Displayed ...

Screen Compass

Unlike the compass that you may use on your drawing board the Screen Compass is not limited to simply drawing circles, you can use triangles, squares, or any polygon.

The Mystery of the Mary Celeste  v.32.0

If you do not find anything, you can ask for a hint clicking on the compass at the lower right corner of the screen. Sometimes you will have to put some of the items you found into a different place in order to perform an action or to get a clue.

10 Days Under The Sea  v.32.0

But the compass is missing some pieces and you have to find them, in 10 days under the sea. You are taken to several seas, like the Caribbean, the Nile and more. There you will have to look for the missing pieces of the compass to use it and take your ...

Debt Compass  v.

The compass will always point to your quickest way! This is a guide. The rest is up to you.

Mysterious Worlds The Secret of Oak  v.2 79

If you cannot find anything, you can ask for a clue clicking on the compass.

The game can be played in two modes: Leisurely (for beginners) or Challenging (a tad harder). Its trial version will let you play freely for sixty minutes.

K5 Compass  v.

The compass has both True and Magnetic coordinate readings.

3D Sundial  v.

The idea of using the compass is that the 3D view can align itself with the true north so that the simulated shadows match the real world shadows. If you know where true north is you can disable the compass for more accurate results.

In ...

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