Technically Savvy Users


Adobe PDF IFilter  v.6.0

Adobe PDF IFilter is designed for technically savvy users or administrators who wish to index Adobe PDF documents with Microsoft indexing clients. This allows the user to easily search for text within Adobe PDF documents.

Key benefits:

InstallShield Tuner For Adobe Acrobat  v.7.0.8

0 for Adobe® Acrobat® software is designed for technically savvy IT administrators who manage solutions for their users. It provides a graphical interface to Acrobat's Windows Installer and enables IT administrators to make modifications to the installer ...


TerraGo Toolbar  v.5.7.0070

The free TerraGo Toolbar™ is a powerful geospatial application that helps you unleash the power of your geospatial assets to the edge of your enterprise by making it easy for everyone, including non-GIS savvy users, to access and interact with complex ...

Vista Tweaks Unlocked  v.2.7.0

Vista Tweaks Unlocked is a must-have software for both newbies and advanced Windows users. It is a very accessible and efficient tool that helps you configure the settings of your Vista system to your liking.

What does the program offer?
This ...

OmniView  v.2.0.13

Not just another visual query tool, OmniView is an advanced data manipulation application which lets users with a wide range of skill levels work with SQL Server or MSDE database content quickly and easily. DBAs and developers can examine and change data ...

Battery Life Maximizer  v.

Battery Life Maximizer is ideal for the following users: Hardware developers, software developers OCo to verify your products are battery friendly. System integrators, IT professionals OCo to build battery life optimized systems for your customers.

BitComet Turbo  v.4.4.0

While the program is especially addressed to more savvy users but beginners should have no problem figuring out how to use its basic functions to search for and download the media files they want: movies, music, games, apps, etc.

Limnor Codeless Programming System

Non-technically oriented users can do programming.

Boggle  v.

Technically savy users can configure the system to use other dictionaries.

You can lookup words based on online dictionaries and build wordlists. These wordlists can be viewed as flashcards later.

The game has a jumble tool built ...

Privoxy  v.3.0.17

The program can prevent redirection of some programs that take users to infected sites, with adware and other viruses.
It works very well because it has powerful filters that can block most of the ads, redirection and other forms of advertising.

Heartsome Translation Studio  v.7 7

1 and below) for segmentation of filesusage
* usage of TBX (TermBase eXchange) in terminology database
* usage of UTF-8 (Unicode) for text encoding
* usage of ISO 639 for language codes and ISO 3166 for country codes

Main Features
* File Management Features: designed to provide versatility in compatibility with other products
* Powerful plugin set (Professional or Ultimate Editions only)
* Editing features: designed to optimise productivity
* Database Features: designed to bring in powerful and robust TM database support to users without adding unnecessary ...

Recovery Toolbox for MySql  v.2.0.5

Being one of the most popular database systems in the world, MySQL underlies millions of websites, from small personal blogs to humongous corporate portals serving content to thousands of users. Corruption of a MySQL database inevitably makes the entire ...

EZ Texting Web to SMS Client  v.2 8

Technically advanced users will enjoy the extensive feature set that Ez Texting offers, such as message forwarding and obtaining keywords on a short code. Full customer support is also available. Whether you want to promote your business, or get in touch ...

MariaDB  v.5.2.4

Monty Program and our highly skilled and technically savvy user and developer communities will work in concert to deliver on this goal.Besides its core functionality of MySQL, MariaDB offers a rich set of feature enhancements including alternate storage ...

Ez Texting  v.1

While technically advanced users will enjoy the extensive feature set that our text messaging program offers, anyone who can pick up a mouse will find our program a breeze to use. Whether you want to promote your business, or get in touch with all of ...

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