Taskmgr Disabled


Taskmgr.exe Error Fix  v.2.0

Windows user encounter Taskmgr.exe error message when the Taskmgr.exe files gets corrupted. The only possible way to resolve this error is to repair the problem related with Windows task manager files. Registry repair is the most effiecient way to resolve ...

Disabled Pdf Printing Enabler  v.

Have you lost the owner password of your pdf document which is restricting you to print your pdf document? An owner password secured pdf may have print button disabled (gray), file menu print option will also show in gray (inactive). This happens if you ...


WinTopMost Site License

Set close window button disabled and manage applications to be topmost when running on your desktop.
Can set a window automatically topmost or close disabled based on a window caption containing specific strings. WinTopMost intercepts windows captions ...

Task Manager Fix  v.2.0

Here is a solution for fixing Task manager has been disabled by your administrator error. Task Manager Fix is a Windows system recovery tool to enable disabled Windows Task Manager. Utility to fix error "Task manager has been disabled by your administrator".

PVoice  v.2 2

pVoice is a software wich is supossed to make life easier and more fun for disabled children. Using this software, the people wich can not talk, will be able to communicate with the outside world.

You can download the software, try it out, ...

Re-Enable Portable  v.

Re Enable regedit, command console 'cmd', task manager, system restore and folder options after been disabled by a virus. Re-Enable Portable is a convenient tool that will re enable registry editing (Regedit) after a worm / trojan / malware / virus has ...

FREE Task Manager FIX Tool  v.1.0

Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator is a common error which abrupt after windows registry changes due to virus attacks, low memory, several clicks while PC is working slow or improper system management. Newly launched QuickData Fix for ...

Flash and Pics Control

Having Flash and pictures disabled lets you reduce the amount of incoming traffic and, thus, saves you money. Disabled Flash animation (mostly, advertising) will also considerably reduce a web page loading time.

Attendant Manager

Attendant Manager provides quality assistance with all major aspects of attendant care for disabled people. The program includes job descriptions, job applications, interview forms, hiring tutorials, needs assessment, scheduling, payroll with itemized ...


LanBuster runs in the system tray, and signals with the icon color whether the LAN has been disabled or not. A double click on the icon in the system tray is all that is needed to control the state of your filesharing. Your internet connection is not ...

PPedia Task Manager Svchost Edition

Do you know what process names like svchost, winlogon, taskmgr, rundll32, jusched, btstac~1, setup_wm, alg.exe, crss.exe or help.exe or ctfmon mean? The software and http://www.ppedia.com help you to distinguish between system processes, known trustworthy ...

File Folder Icon Collection

436 Unique graphic Unit
Eye catching colors
Normal, Hot, Disabled states
Give a unique look to your software, projects.
Gives application developers access to a large variety of folder icons, well above what is provided by the operating ...

Absolute StartUp

Selected startup items can be enabled/disabled, and additional information on startup items can be researched with the help of online resources and the recommendations of a database of potentially dangerous programs. The smart Windows startup monitor ...

Easy Window Closer

Easy Window Closer can be enabled, or disabled quickly from the system tray. This version is the first release on CNET Download.com.

Forgot Administrator Password

Recover lost and forgotten Windows and administrator passwords, enable and unlock locked and disabled accounts by booting from a bootable CD or USB flash drive. Forgot Administrator Password instantly resets or replaces forgotten Windows NT, 2000, XP, ...

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