Tamil Astrology Jar File


MB Tamil Astrology

MB Free Tamil Astrology Software determines your ruling bird on the basis of the Panch Pakshi Shastra based on Tamil Astrology (South Indian Astrology). This program gives you a detailed interpretation of your characteristic traits and personality, your ...

Free Tamil Astrology Software  v.

Professional Free Tamil Astrology Software from Astro-Vision now also provides Free Horoscope Matching feature. Ideal for Astrologers and Astrology Students. Contains both calculations as well as predictions. This Free Tamil Astrology Software also provides ...


Jarfix  v.2.0.0

If you doubleclick on a jar file, and your Java application does not start, your .jar association has been hijacked. You can fix the problem with Jarfix. The problem ... The root cause for the problem above is, that a program has stolen the .jar association.

Fat Jar Eclipse Plug-In  v.0.0.31

Eclipse Plug-In for deploying a project into one "fat" executable jar file containing all referenced libraries. References are taken from the project settings, so no manual configuration is necessary.

One-JAR(TM)  v.0.97

One-JAR(TM) is a simple solution to a vexing problem in Java: how to distribute an application as a single jar-file, when it depends on multiple other jar-files. One-JAR uses a custom classloader to discover library jar files inside the main jar.

Aspose.Words for JasperReports  v.1.8.0

It is written purely in Java and is provided as a single JAR file that can easily be deployed on the machines running JasperReports or JasperServer. Aspose.Words for JasperReports exports flow layout documents that are easy to further edit in Microsoft ...

Jarx  v.1 2

Your JAR files (Java Archive files with the .jar file extenstion) just behave like ordinary programs - just double click them to start them. Jarx is freeware.

RCSpeedo  v.2.0.2

jar file, not a .exe file that Windows users are familiar with. In order to run this .jar file, you need the latest Java Runtime Engine. Besides what it was meant to do, you can use the RC Speedo app for other cool things like :
- Doppler videos ...

Java DB  v.10. 5. 2003

5MB JAR file. Java DB adds bug fixes plus message localizations to the features introduced in Java DB 10.5.1.

Java Class Finder  v.1.0.1

Have you ever used a wrong class that packaged in an irrelevant jar file? Are you trying to search a class from many jar files?

Java Class Finder is a small Java utility tool to search a given class from all jar files that in a selected directory ...

Ugo Capetos Ear Training Lower H  v.igher

Extract rar archive file and double-click the jar file (needs java).Requirements:
* Java ...

Ugo Capetos Ear Training Scale  v.Note

Extract rar archive file and double-click the jar file (needs java).Requirements:
* Java ...

JAR2EXE Converter  v.

JAR2EXE Converter will help you easily convert a JAR file (MIDP application, such as Nokia Mobile Games) to an EXE file (Win32 NHAL Emulator). You can run the midlets just like what the execution files running on Windows platform.
JAR2EXE Converter ...

OpenImage  v.0.9 Alpha

Only jar file available due to the mess in source codes.Requirements:
* Java ...

Fast Decimals to Fractions  v.1.0

JAR file.Requirements:
* Java ...

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