Take Home Pay Calculator


Home Selling Calculator

Home Selling Calculator shows you how long your monthly carrying costs for your mortgage and utilities will allow you to keep your house on the market when you want to sell it. It clearly shows effects of time on market on your net profit.

Home Loan Calculator  v.1.0

Home loan calculator. Calculate mortgage repayments and use the matrix to easily assess payments for futre interest rates and or borrowed amounts. Includes a loan calculator that determines how much you can borrow based on your realisting repayments no ...


Home Buyers Calculator Suite  v.4. 1. 2001

Home Buyers Calculator Suite is a user-friendly collection of 12 real estate and mortgage calculators that make real estate math easy for home buyers, home sellers and real estate agents.

From mortgage qualification to calculating monthly payments ...

My PAYE Calculator  v.

My PAYE Tax Calculator for calculating your salary, tax due, national insurance and take home pay.

Add tax free allowances such as pension contributions and childcare vouchers to see how they affect your take home.

Choose financial year ...

Automatic Timesheet  v.1.2.9

Time card calculator that calculates daily and weekly totals. The latest release includes a pay calculator.
The software is designed to help you maintain an accurate timesheet with minimal effort. It runs on your computer and automatically records ...

Debt10 Calculator

The following is a calculator that can help you determine the approximate time it will take to pay off any given debt. It will also inform you of the average monthly interest you will be paying between now and when the debt is fully paid off.

Home Affordability  v.

Now you can have a real home affordability calculator that will provide you a realistic price of a home that you can afford, given your NET income, debt, and expenses.

New in 1.1!
- Loan Calculator with Amortization Schedules

With ...

Roulette Bot Pro

Use this roulette betting robot to win at roulette and take home the sweet cash. Roulette
Bot Pro Robot wins!! It can even help you win at roulette in style. This roulette bot pro robot is an amazing piece of
software that wins and wins. Totally ...

RECalc  v.

A simple home loan calculator that estimates the total monthly payment based on house price, down payment, interest rate, loan duration, property tax and home insurance rate.

MyCreditCard  v.

Everyone has a credit card and everyone wants to know – how long will it take to pay it off? How much does it really cost me? Can I pay it off sooner? What can I afford? In this regard , the Credit Card App is your friend. It can set you free or at ...

Free Rent or Buy Calculator  v.4. 5. 2001

This free real estate calculator for Windows helps you determine whether purchasing a home or renting is your best option. Free Rent or Buy Calculator is a real estate calculator designed for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, XP and Vista systems. It offers integrated ...

Homebrew Calculator  v.1.0.21119.2

Homebrew Calculator lets you record your home brew recipe information. Useful for novice through advanced brewers, it calculates bitterness, color, original gravity, and alcohol content. Compare your recipe as you go to standard beer styles. Data supplied ...

Paycheck Calculator  v.

Paycheck Calculator calculates net paycheck amount and applicable payroll taxes from a gross pay amount.

Paycheck Calculator calculates the following payroll taxes in all 50 states and District of Columbia:
- Federal Withholding,
- ...

Real Estate Calculator Suite

Real Estate Calculator makes real estate math easy! If real estate math or mortgage calculations stress you, Real Estate Calculator Suite is the help you need! Includes 16 Calculators; 2 Downpayment Savings calculators, a Date Calculator, Mortgage Qualifier, ...

Free Mortgage APR Calculator  v.4. 5. 2010

Free Mortgage APR Calculator is a free calculator that lets us know the exact amount of a mortgage APR (annual percentage rate). We can use this utility to compare the various offers that we may receive from banks or other financial institutions. This ...

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