Tagged Photos


Photato  v. Beta

Your albums, your friends' albums, tagged photos of you and tagged photos of your friends - they're all there to be enjoyed.Photato provides a much more intuitive and better looking interface to browse all those photos and since it's designed to run ...

Viewdle  v.1.0.74 Beta

Viewdle lets you manage who sees all of your new, tagged photos and and albums.You will also have the possibility to easily and quickly share them with your friends.Requirements:
* .NET Framework ...


Pleasant GeoTagger  v.1.0.0 Build 2010-02-02

By simply clicking on a map, you can tag and store the location where your photos were taken (uses exif). Clicking a JPG file will take the map there. An easy-to-use software with built-in smart search to find spots on the map quickly. It helps you remember ...

Desktop Tagger  v.

You can later search through your photos in windows by searching for 'Tag:"Your Faceboook Full Name"'
The currently requires to have a Facebook account with tagged photos.

ITag  v.334.0

Tagged photos are recognised by online services like Flickr, search tools such as Picasa and Copernic.

Outdoor Navigation  v.


- Digital Compass (Mango)


- Online Street, Satellite and Topo maps (Bing, Google, OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap, OpenPisteMap, OpenHikingMap)
- Offline map mode (you can download maps and later use it without internet connection)
- Search places or POIs
- Track recording, creating custom Photo POIs
- Geocaching LOC, GPX and KML file support
- Online Route Planning from A to B (car or pedestrian), manual route drawing
- Turn indications for routes
- Outdoor navigation with Digital Compass
- Trip Computer with 40 selectable tools with multiple layout options
- Track, analyze and compare your tracks on Charts
- Share your tracks and POIs via E-mail or Facebook with embedded Chart and Map view
- Dropbox integration (file import/export, backup, restore)
- Speedometer with speed limit warning feature
- Displaying your geo-tagged photos from Pictures ...

Metro.am  v.

❤ sign in to your instagram account
❤ like/comment to photos
❤ follow/unfollow users
❤ search for tagged photos or users
❤ search for nearby photos
❤ view geotagged photos
❤ view your profile and users
❤ ...

Nearby Flickr Photos  v.

This app shows photos publically available from Flickr based on the location of the cell phone. It uses web services exposed by Flickr itself and receives only photos that are tagged as public.
The information about your location is not stored and ...

Photos for Grandma

Photos for Grandma is a specialized mailer for pictures you'd like to send to your family and friends. Just drag and drop pictures to send, type in a message subject and choose its style. Fun and done. The program takes care of everything else. It resizes ...

Sort Photos

Sort Photos - fast and easy ? Salvation is easy You need Sort Photos. This full-automatic image renamer will sort photos, sort pictures, organize images, sort photographs of all types and dimensions. Sort photos by date, sort pictures by time, manage ...

Y.A. Photos Date Stamper  v.1.4.2

Photos Date Stamper is a free application that helps you add a watermark of that special date and weekday, to JPG pictures of your choice, in a few simple steps. Y.A. Photos Date Stamper Identifies the weekday and date at which pictures have been taken, ...

Sort Photos Now

Sort Photos - easily? How to sort photos? Best way to sort photos - is to sort photos with automatic photo sorter. Photo sorter software will sort photos, sort pictures, sort images and sort photographs. Sort photos exactly as you want - automatically ...

Remove Duplicate Photos

Remove Duplicate Photos: How to Remove Duplicate Photos? Remove duplicate photos - easily with automatic duplicate photo remover. Automatic duplicate file remover will remove duplicate photos, remove duplicate pictures and duplicate images anywhere on ...

Remove Duplicate Photos Pro

Remove Duplicate Photos - How to remove duplicate photos? What is the best way to remove duplicate photos? Remove duplicate photos - easily with Remove Duplicate Photos Pro. Find duplicate photos, find duplicate pictures and remove duplicate photos automatically ...

Find Duplicate Photos

Find Duplicate Photos: How to Find duplicate photos? What is the Best way to Find duplicate photos? Find duplicate photos - easily with automatic duplicate photo finder. Find duplicate photos and remove duplicate photos, find duplicate photos and delete ...

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