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Endeavor Health Information System  v.002.1

A health information system built on Mono/.NET that will include components like a web application for storing patient data, a practice management system, a number of modules for specific healthcare industries, among other things.

Invisionix Roaming System Remote Metasys  v.0.2

Your own portable PC system built by integrating existing Open Source components. This mobile metasystem utilizes the internet's web hosting resources and is accessed via any web browser enabled appliance from your home, work, school, library, cafes, ...


Crowd CMS  v.1.0

A Free and Open Source Crowd Funded Web Content Management System built on ASP.NET MVC 4. This free version is fully functional and allows pages to be added, edited and deleted by users. Access rights prevent unauthorised users from approving content.

Windows 7 Enterprise  v.1.0

Windows 7 is the next release of the Windows client operating system, built on the secure foundation of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Performance, reliability, security, and compatibility are core tenets of this release as we collect your feedback ...

LabCollector  v.1 5


Built around independent modules that can interact with each other, LabCollector LIMS will manage a variety of day-to-day useful lab information.

The main concept behind ...

Frigate  v.2 3

Frigate is a versatile file manager, best replace of Explorer!
Ftp, archive and network is transaparent as file system.
Built-in viewer for most popular graphic formats, text and DBF.
Have internal editor, many useful utilities and Multi-Language ...

Bosco's Screen Share  v.3.0

Mac OS X both has a personal web sharing system built-in and ready to use. Windows XP Pro also has a personal web sharing system built-in. Other varieties of Windows may require 3rd party software.

CubeSQL  v.4. 2. 2000

cubeSQL (formely REAL Server) is a fully featured and high performance relational database management system built on top of the sqlite database engine.
cubeSQL is incredibly fast, has a small footprint, is highly reliable and runs on Windows, Mac ...

Coalesys Internet NewsWire  v.1. 1. 1981

The Coalesys Internet NewsWire is a customizable news distribution system built upon web technologies. It uses the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) to deliver Windows XP-style popup messages to the system tray of your listeners. The product contains ...

CCleaner Enhancer  v.3.4

ini system built into CCleaner to easily add new rules and definitions for programs. The rules were sourced mainly from the Piriform Support Forum, with several sourced from other places around the internet.

CCEnhancer  v.3.3

ini system built into CCleaner to easily add new rules and definitions for programs. The rules were sourced mainly from the Piriform Support Forum, with several sourced from other places around the internet.The actual file containing the definitions is ...

Webuzo for PyroCMS  v.2.1.5

PyroCMS is an open source, object oriented content management system built using PHP5 and CodeIgniter. PyroCMS is easy to use, looks great and uses some smart caching to keep everything running smoothly. It can be easily extended with Modules, Widgets, ...

Alfresco 3.3.0Build  v.2765

Alfresco is the leading open source enterprise content management system built by the most experienced team in the industry drawn from DocumentumT«, VignetteT« and InterwovenT«. Twenty years of experience drove us to believe that the Enterprise ...

Frontier X  v.9.5

Frontier is a powerful Web content management system, built around an object database, scripting language, script editor and debugger, outliner, multi-threaded runtime, integrated HTTP server, distributed computing protocols such as XML-RPC and SOAP.

PreceptorTools  v.1.0.2

PreceptorTools is a courseware development system built entirely with Revolution software. With it, you can build standalone lessons and dynamic presentations. It is simple to use and customize. Unlike any other educational development system on the market, ...

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