Synchronous Example


Offline App Example  v.3.0

This is our final example. We call it "ex3" and comes with all basic functionality for apps hosted on It shows you how to use the AppCache (orga.appcache) manifest and syncs with the APIv1 - that will be updated soon to APIv2 - ...

Learn HTML By Example  v.1 5

That's why we built the "Learn HTML By Example" tool, a free tool you can add to your web site. It's easy to use, and there's a bunch of examples already built in. You just type in some HTML code in the middle box, and it immediately displays in the ...


Interference with Synchronous Sources Model  v.1.0

Interference with Synchronous Sources model displays the interference pattern on a screen due to between one and twenty point sources. The simulation allows an arbitrarily superposition of the sources and shows both the current intensity and running ...

Crawl-By-Example (Heritrix plugin)  v.0.1

Crawl-By-Example runs a crawl, which classifies the processed pages by subjects and finds the best pages according to examples provided by the operator. Crawl-By-Example is a plugin to the Heritrix crawler, and was done as a part of GSoC06 program.

Example-based Development of Grammars  v.0.3.0

Example-based Development of Grammars (EDG) is a system implemented in Lisp for building natural language grammars andlexicons incrementally and interactively.

Maven JSF Richfaces Example  v.1.0

An example project using Maven 2, JSF, Richfaces, Tomahawk, JPA(Hibernate), Spring, etc...

Graphical Installer Example  v.2 3

It's tool for creating profesional good-looking installers based on NSIS scripts.

Main features:

- Fully customizable graphical interface
- Easy integratable to existing NSIS scripts
- Prepared templates for instant ...

Ssetup Example  v.5.15.1

Ssetup is a general purpose installation /uninstall utility.

User friendly features: single mouse click installation, before installation user can see all the relevant information about the product (purpose, target directory, size on disk, ...

SWT Win32 Extension Example  v.6.0

It is a software development kit enabling you to work with native code from Java programs without using JNI. With SWT Win32 Extension, you don't need to create native libraries to call a function of the operating system API or a function from any dynamic ...

Custom Print Preview in C++ Example  v.2 1

Learn how to create reports in C++ Builder.
Create custom print previews and avoid the apperiance of a default Quick report window
Learn how to cycle through pages
Print from Ms Access database
Tutorial on proper using the QuickRep ...

Kyboma Web Page (HTML) Tutor & Script Extracto  v.1 21

Kyboma Example Extractor will quickly and easily find examples of specific HTML elements on a page and their attributes. The program also offers complete HTML analysis giving a quick and easy way to extract scripts and stylesheet blocks for more experienced ...

Mail Redirect

Other common usage example is redirecting mail from the internet to the MS Exchange server in your local network. SSL secured connections are supported. The program utilizes minimum CPU and memory resources and works fast a background task.

Advanced Font Viewer

You can also carry these printouts with you without a computer and look through them anywhere you like, for example, when you are meeting a client. Print out samples of fonts that are not installed and always know what fonts you have in store.


Since extended characters are absolutely necessary for example in French and German texts, no more need to avoid the use of accents in description of digital pictures to treat by the other platform: With CrossIPTC photos are always tagged with appropriate ...

Audio Capture ActiveX Control

for example, Line In , Microphone, Stereo Mix, Mono Mix, Aux, Video, CD Audio, Phone Line.
Capture audio from selected audio device.

Capture audio to Wave, WMA, MP3 file format.

Capture audio from selected audio input pin. for ...

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