Symbian 3rd Timer Count Down


Free Interval Timer, Count Down Timer  v.

Count-down and Interval timer with multiple colored backgrounds (skins).

Designed for boxing or works out.

The Large Display allows you to see the time from a distance or without your reading glasses.

Option to Turn off Screen ...

Count Down  v.

Have something important you don't want to forget? Eager for a certain day to approach? Use the Count Down app to customize your own count down for your needs. Even pin it to your home screen. With this app you won't forget your anniversary again or you'll ...


Tile Count Down  v.

Tile Count Down allows you to create live tiles on your home screen that count down to all your big events.

Set the date and time, set it to alarm on the date and set your own tile background picture. Its your event so create it how you want ...

Count Down App 1.0  v.

This is a simple app in which you can count the number of times you tap on a single button..

DevConnections 2012 Count Down  v.

This app will tell you exactly how long it takes until DevConnections 2012 in Las Vegas.

AS3 Timer ( XML and Run Time Change)  v.1

This a timer ( count down timer ) that you can change the time by XML or at run time it's easy to use.

Multi-Timer Ultimate  v.2 51

Each timer can be used to count up, count down or can be used in alarm clock mode. It can count up to 1000 hours. The application is fully drag and drop supported and allows you to pause and resume the timers.

Personal Productivity Timer  v.1.0

Personal Productivity Timer (PPT) is a Windows count down timer application specifically designed to facilitate time management techniques such as

- Structured periods of work and rest
- The Pomodoro Technique
- Time Boxing


TimeAfterTime  v.1.1

TimeAfterTime is a powerful Multi-Timer application. You can launch upto 6 independent, simultaneous Timers - any combination of count up duration (once or recurring), count down duration (once or recurring), count to a time of day, or count as stopwatch.

XNote Timer

Free stopwatch and countdown timer software. Easiest! Features both count-up and count-down modes, alarms, large re-sizable display with always-on-top mode and system-wide hotkeys. Useful at classroom, meeting or kitchen as cooking and egg timer. Runs ...

FW Timer  v.

This means staring at the count-down timer on Fish Wrangler, pretty much constantly. Well, this isn't all that good, people expect you to accomplish other things.

FW Timer is a fully configurable count-down timer used to notify you of when ...

Jumbo Timer  v.1 1

Jumbo Timer is a nice application made by Johannes Wallroth. It is a direct descendant of the Sharp Timer made by the same person.

The software is simple enough, it is a timer for your computer. However, there are many nice things in this ...

Classic Timer  v.1.0

Classic Timer is an Adobe AIR application, a simple timer, countdown and stopwatch utility. Enter a time and click "Start" to begin the count-down process.
An alarm will sound when time has elapsed and the timer will begin counting up. Additionally, ...

Timer Pro

A nice, easy and cheap Timer for everyone ! Adjustable options: segment color, min. and max. (alarm), count up, count down, sound on-off, stay on top, etc...

Egg Timer Software  v.7.0

The software plays an alarm when the count down is complete but this audio file can be changed to an audio file of your choice.

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