Stick Figure Rpg


Stick Figure Test Facility  v.1.0

Stick Figure Test Facility is a bloody try-and-die game presented by Stickpage. Help a scientist to choose the correct test for his stickman. Wrong Test? No problem, choose another one! Enjoy the test facility!

Stick Figure Karate (SFKarate)  v.1.0

Stick Figure Karate (SFKarate) is a 2D Karate fighting game written in Java. The inspiration for the game comes from the famous animated stick figure fights.


Stick Figure Badminton  v.1.0

Badminton is a rare flash sport, unlike itOCOs counterpart tennis, there are not many to play. This game is fun and fast and the simple controls make it great to play against a friend. There are a number of computer opponents which pose a challenge if ...

Stick Badminton  v.

Stick Badminton is an interesting sport game for free. Play some badminton stick figure style! Play against the computer or a friend. 1 or 2 player Badminton Game, Play your way through the field in sinlge player mode or play against a friend with simple ...

Stick Dude  v.

In a world consisting of only falling blocks, one stick figure must avoid the blocks at all costs, or be crushed. Put your fingers and reflexes to the test and help Stick Dude stay alive! Most people can't beat 1500, can you?

1.1 ...

Stykz  v.1.0 B3

Stykz lets you create stick figure animations. It is similar to Pivot Stickfigure Animator, but its developer especially designed it to run on all systems, including Mac and Linux systems. Stykz overcomes all the limitations of Pivot or other similar ...

Pivot Stickfigure Animator  v.2.2.7

Pivot Stickfigure Animator is a unique software, that allows you to create stick figure animations easily and without any artistic skills. You can move the sections of the stick figure and easily create a chain of animation frames that can be previewed ...

TISFAT  v.0.70.5 Beta

TISFAT (This Is Stick Figure Animation Theatre) is, as obscure as the title may be, an animation software focused on Stick Figure animation. TISFAT is supposed to help making Stick Figure animation simpler and quicker. No more maths books defaced for ...

TreeMaker  v.5.0.1

Simply put: you draw a stick figure on a square, assigning lengths to each of the sticks in the figure. Through a series of optimizations and calculations, TreeMaker computes a crease pattern in the square that folds up into that stick figure. Or more ...

Sticky Game Survival  v.

This game consists of one house in the middle of the screen and two types of stick figure, the red one which you should eliminate so they won’t sneak into the house and the blue one which you should protect them so they can enter the house.

Hangman - Free  v.

You only have a few guesses before you are hanged as each incorrect letter draws out another part of your stick figure. This app has a very clean and user friendly interface that displays a custom keyboard allowing you to easily see which letters are ...

Falling Ballz  v.

Help the stick figure run away from falling balls! You can run away from the balls using the acceloremeter and jumping over the balls. There are no different difficulty levels, the game gets progressively harder as you stay alive.
Try catching the ...

Stickman  v.5.6 Final

Instead of drawing, you can choose from a collection of enhanced stick figures that look like cartoon characters, and can be animated in the same way as stick figure animations, using control points. You can use full color backgrounds and choose from ...

Paper Chase 2  v.1.0

Paper Chase 2 is a rather original platform game created of hand-made drawings. The game actually takes place in a notebook, with lines and all, and you are a funny character who must kill or avoid enemies and collect stuff in order to get to a next level.

Soude  v.1.0

The default mesh is a stick figure, but you can edit the mesh and create arbitrary creatures.Soude's user interface is incredible simple, and the program comes with plenty of examples you can play around with. A Read Me details Soude's non-obvious features, ...

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