Stereo Speakers


3D Sound Tester  v.1.0

Move the sound ball, and you'll feel the distance and direction of the sound change even with simple stereo speakers.

Though primarily a fun techno-toy, the 3D Sound Tester is helpful to test and configure PC speakers and sound systems.

Maven Wizard  v.1.0

Works for headphones, stereo speakers, up to 4 and 5.1 channel speaker PC audio systems.

How can the Wizard can heal your system?

Setting up an good audio environment isn't always easy. Professionals take great care to make sure ...


AstoundStereo Expander  v.2.1.2002

Other controls include: Preamp allows input gain adjustment for improved audio levels, Audio output device selection, Listening modes optimize AstoundSound for Music, Movies and Games, Hot Keys providing quick and easy control of AstoundSound Expander You can hear the AstoundSound effect through your computer's built-in stereo speakers, headphones, ...

RightMark 3DSound  v.2 3

Move the sound ball, and you'll feel the distance and direction of the sound change even with simple stereo speakers. It is a helpful tool to test and configure PC speakers and sound systems.

There are three tests included in this tool they ...

ReSpatializer  v.1 1

ReSpatializer can also create a mix for stereo speakers.

QuuxPlayer  v.

But when was the last time you just sat back, relaxed, and really listened to all that music?
Youve got a Home Theater PC or notebook computer attached to your stereo speakers. Theres just one thing missing...
Now theres a Windows audio player ...

MP3 Stereo To Mono Converter Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to convert MP3 files from stereo to mono. The user simply adds the required files or an entire folder before click the start button. Instead of sound divided into left and right channels (speakers), the ...

High Definition Stereo (HDS)  v.1.0

High Definition Stereo (HDS) is a technology in software that opens up for a more exact and natural sound than traditional stereo. Sonic improvements are most often audible as a general refinement. While stereo tends to limit the soundstage in between ...

Musereo Mono to Stereo Converter  v.

Musereo Mono to Stereo Converter allows you to convert your Mono Oldies Music to Stereo in a Snap.

Musereo Mono to Stereo Converter is a very easy to use Windows software that converts mono audio files (MP3, WAV or WMA) to stereo in just a ...

Virtos Stereo Processor  v.1 1

Virtos Stereo Processor create stereo from a mono source, correct phase errors or adjust the stereo field with the Stereo Processor.

Correct phase errors between the channels.
Adjust the stereo field.
Enhance the stereo ...

Stereo Tool  v.6 10

Stereo Tool is a Winamp plugin that can be used to manipulate sounds.
It contains a singleband compressor, an 8-band multiband compressor, a lowpass filter and a stereo image manipulator.

The compressors can be used to make the playback ...

Stereo Dandifier 0.9.04 Alpha  v.1.0

Stereo Dandifier was developed as an accessible and easy-to-use instruments that manages to generate printable image cards for stereoscopic viewing. Now, you can use this simple and small software to create stereo images with ease. Stereo Dandifier ...

Musereo Stereo to Mono Converter  v.

A simple, easy-to-use software that converts a batch of stereo mp3/wma/wav files to mono in just a few clicks. You can choose from 3 conversion methods: Mix channels, Keep left channel only and Keep right channel only.

Blue Cat's Stereo Chorus for Mac OS X  v.3.62

Based on Blue Cat's Chorus plugin technology, Blue Cat's Stereo Chorus has the same versatility and crystal-clear sounding capabilities as its little brother, plus a subtle to very deep stereo effect feature: just play with the 'stereo' control and get ...

Stereo Tool for Mac OS X  v.

Stereo Tool features ultra precise control of input gain and individual pan for left and right channels. A phase inverter is available on each channel. Global stereo pan and stereo width settings are also implemented to complete the management of the ...

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