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Mechanical Engineering 101 by WAGmob  v.

Tutorials on:

Engineering Materials,
Mechanical Properties,
Mechanical Measurements,
Thermodynamics I,
Thermodynamics II,
Machine Tools I,
Machine Tools II,
Manufacturing Process I,
Manufacturing Process II,
Measurement Tools,
Fluid Mechanics I,
Fluid Mechanics II,
Combustion Engines I,
Combustion Engines II,
Steam Boilers I,
Steam Boilers ...

Steam Calculator

Steam table calculator Excel add-in based on IAPWS-97 standard which calculates 23 different thermodynamic properties such as Temperature, Pressure, Enthalpy, Entropy, Quality, Density,etc. English and SI input and output units are supported.The functions ...


Steam Carpet Cleaner

Carpets, kids and pets often add up to the need for a good carpet steam cleaner. Although carpet cleaners can be rented at stores, it is very convenient to buy your own for unexpected spills and stains. Steam cleaners come in many sizes and each have ...

Steam Clock 3D Screensaver  v.1.0

We'll bet you that no engineering contraption will evoke as much giddy curiosity as ours! This 3D screensaver proves that the exact time can be kept even with steam-powered machines! The secret to this wondrous clock is known only to the gnome, who occasionally ...

Turbine Steam-Consumption Calculator  v.2 3

This free program will calculate the steam consumption for a turbine of known power and efficiency. The required data are the inlet steam pressure and temperature, and the exhaust pressure. The program will determine the specific and actual steam consumption, ...

Bionaire Steam Mop Ship Puzzle  v.1 5

We would like present to your attention a fresh puzzle game from Bionaire Steam Mop. Not easy to solve, but if you win you shall get the excellent navy ship. These puzzle events are so much helpful in order to develop common sense of kids. It's good for ...

Best Steam Mop Solid Puzzle  v.1 2

Another Best Steam Mop Puzzle. Solve the puzzle and get a new ironclad!
These puzzle events are so much helpful in order to develop common sense of kids. It's suitable for parents too. You may recall your childhood, playing in such puzzle games. So, ...

Shark Steam Mop Ironclad Puzzle  v.1 1

New Puzzle game from Shark Steam Mop. Hard to solve, but if you win you shall get the wonderful ironclad. These puzzle events are so much helpful in order to develop common sense of kids. It's suitable for parents too. So, it's wonderful game may be to ...

Best Steam Mop Ironclad Puzzle  v.1 12

Solve puzzle with best steam ironclad. Just for fun!

TikiOne Steam Cleaner  v.

TikiOne Steam Cleaner was created as a small and useful application that allows you to list every redistributable package stored in your Steam folders and allows you to remove them. All you have to do is set the Steam SteamApps folder (this is a sub-folder ...

Steam URL Converter  v.1.0

Steam URL Converter allows you to create shortcuts on your desktop to launch games. However, these shortcuts are not standard Windows .LNK files. They are .URL files and, sometimes, they don't show the proper icon for the intended game even if the .URL ...

Steam  v.1.0

Steam is a gaming platform with everything a gamer would want. Steam's interface is somewhat similar to Windows Explorer. It allows users to browse through all the games available and download demos, trailers, or the complete game. Once a game is downloaded ...

Steam Birds  v.1.0

Steam Birds is a flying game presenting battles in the skies in World War I. You control one lone aircraft against a team of 2 or more enemy drones. You should navigate carefully to shoot them out of the skies. Steam Birds is mouse controlled and played ...

Steam Assistance  v.1 2

Steam Assistance is a program that can make your steam gamesmods visible in Windows(TM) Vista7 game explorer in few clicks.

A new and powerful software that you can get it for free on yours computers. An easy to use software that can be used ...

Steam Mover  v.0.1

Move Steam files and create junction points much much easier.. Have you run out of space on your C: drive? Or do you have a super-fast SSD that is too small to hold all your steam games at the same time? Then try Steam Mover.
Steam Mover allow you ...

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