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Free SRT-File Translator  v.2.9.23

SRT files with this application. Automatically translate subtitle files fast between more than 50 different languages free. The Zip-file contains a folder with the exe-File, and some sample files. You will need the VB6-Runtime module to run the application.

SRT Creator  v.1.0.2

SRT Creator lets you create SRT files for video captions. There are other utilities that let you edit the SRT once it's created but I found none that make the initial creation very easy.Video of SRT Creator in action is available at https://ww ...


Arpa Kolla Player  v.1.0

It also can: synch srt/export sup files/convert sub to srt files.
Supports fully avi/ogm/mkv multiaudio streams with possibility of changing audiostream .
It can reproduce dvd with all dvd capabilities (Chapters/titles/angles/substreams/audios ...

DirectVobSub  v.6. 1. 7600

srt files. DirectVobSub now also goes by the name of VSFilter.
DirectVobSub detects a subtitle file, it will launch an icon on the system tray area.

Open Subtitle Translator  v.2.2

Open Subtitle Translator is designed to help teams translating subtitles for movies in SRT files. It provides an automatic translation done using the translation tool Google Translator. For more details take a look at project site.Requirements:
* ...

JustSubsPlayer  v.1.0 Beta

SRT files. Unlike other software, it does not require a video file, so it can be used to add subtitles to online movies or TV series, even if they are flash-based videos.Requirements:
* NET Framework ...

Zirnevis  v.0.1

Edit SRT files fast and easy. Zirnevis is a free subtitle editor written in java, it can change ( .srt ) subtitles that created by movie time location. Zirnevis support UTF8, ASCII, WINDOWS_ARABIC and WINDOWS_LATIN text encodings.Requirements:
* Java ...

JSubFixer  v.1.7.2

srt' files only.How to use:
1. Run JSubFixer.jar
2. Click on 'Open'. Select the '.srt' subtitle file.
3. While the file is loading, run the movie in a media player, and find at what time a particular line is spoken. Note that time down.

SubHub  v.

SubHub is a post-OCR correction tool for SRT subtitle files, help you correct srt files. You can use this software to adjust the timings of the subtitles or to change the file encodings to ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16 or UTF-16BE.

Srt2Sup  v.0.4.03

You can open and save SRT files as text or bitmaps. You can also open S2S files, and save them in any format. You can also import SUP files in order to edit them. Srt2Sup also allows you to modify the appearance of the subtitles, parameters such as background, ...

SubtitleTools  v.2.0

srt files.
5. Editing or deleting rows of the opened .srt file.
6. Downloading or uploading .srt files by using XML-RPC API of the
* NET Framework 4 ...

Sfl2txt  v.0.6.0

sfl2txt allow for extracting the labels associated with regions of a sound track from SFL files generated by the Sound Forge software. The software can then export them to TXT files as recognized by Audacity.Usage:
sfl2txt [options...]

Total Video Player  v.1 31

srt files found in the same directory, with the same name than the video file), or change the video language.

Through the Options menu you can set if you want single or multiple instances of the program running, as well as associate file types, ...

Subtitles Creator  v.2 2

This free and simple tool supports SRT files, and allows the user to fully customize the appearance and the location of the texts. This application creates valid SST content for both PAL and NTSC.

Subtitles Creator makes the whole process ...

Ace DivX Player  v.2.8.409

And it is 100% freeware! Ace DviX Player also supports subtitles for media formats like mkv and also SSA/SRT files. In most case, you don't need to get involved with adding the subtitle files manually since the handy Ace Media Player program will automatically ...

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