Spyking Invisible Spy


Desktop Adviser

Desktop Adviser is an invisible spy screen capture software that help you to control PC activity in your family or in your office. Desktop Adviser captures screenshots of the active application window or the entire desktop at the predefined time intervals ...

Detect Invisible.Me

Detect Invisible.Me is a application wrapper of the site detectinvisible.me.

With detectinvisible.me you can detect the real Yahoo! Messenger status of
your friends (online / offline / invisible). It also supports Yahoo!
Webmessenger, ...


Invisible! Pro  v.3.0

Invisible! Pro enables you to rename Recycle Bin to any name; clear your desktop with one click; minimize, restore or close all windows; hide or show all desktop icons. fast exit from windows: just one click to shutdown or reboot windows.

IShow Invisible  v.1.2

Shows and hides the invisible files via a repeating dialog box. After you have revealed the invisible files, simply move the Hide dialog box out of your way or press Command-H to send it to the background. Any open folders should remain open when you ...

Invisible Browsing

Invisible Browsing will hide, change or mask your IP address preventing others or any website from logging your internet address without your permission. Invisible Browsing is an efficient software to hide IP address and an internet track eraser.

Invisible IP Map  v.2. 9. 2001

Invisible IP Map is a program which ensures browsing security and anonymity. It makes extensive use of proxy servers to give you a sense of security when you are browsing. The application provides a list of available proxy servers to which you can connect.

Plumber In London Invisible IE  v.1.0

Plumber In London super Invisible IE. Setup shortcuts to quickly hide, close and unhide internet explorer windows. Runs in the system tray so you can also right click on it's icon and get the menu. Can set the program to ask for a password before it unhides ...

Invisible Launcher  v.1 1

Invisible Launcher is a configurable program designed to provide
a fast way for organizing and starting up your applications and for
opening the folders, shortcuts and documents which you frequently access.
When Invisible Launcher is not ...

The Invisible Deck  v.

The user presents the audience with a magic invisible deck of 52 cards and ask the spectator to choose one and announce the card out loud.
The user, then acts as if he is doing some sort of synchronization with the app and launches the app.
The ...

El amigo invisible  v.

Deja que tu Windows Phone haga el sorteo del amigo invisible. Introduce los participantes y las parejas que no pueden regalarse entre si y tu teléfono realizará el sorteo de forma instántanea ...

Make Invisible  v.2.1

The new compiled application is now invisible. This application is freeware and provided as is. Donations are welcome.What's new in this version:- Now an universal binary application.- Moved project to Realbasic 2007r5 and newer plugins.- Now compatible ...

VMeisoft SPY for MAC  v.1.1.2

This is a binary executable file debugging tools. Can be used for debugging the compiled binaries or third-party binary dynamic or static library file. This tool is used to modify, redirect function import. Can also be used to monitor function calls or ...

Spy Desktop  v.1.2

Use the start function to spy with Windows, so you do not miss a single moment.

Invisible  v.1.0

This is an add-on that allows to change entities visibility. You can show/hide objects without having to modify the state of the layers to which they belong. Moreover, the command is transparent, so you can show/hide objects when another command is active.

Invisible CHAOS  v.5 1

Stego product for Windows with a CHAOS interface and a very large hiding capacity (~100% of carrier file). Includes built-in encryption and ability to hide data within specific sub-areas of the image. Chaos uses the newest chaos logic and stream cipher.

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