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Sprite Sheet Maker  v.0.0.1

Sprite Sheet Maker is an Adobe AIR application, can create sprite sheets. One process that has survived in game development is the process of blitting. In simple game terms blitting is where you combine objects in order to increase performance.
All ...

Sprite Sheet Builder  v.1.0

Generates CSS sprite sheets for faster web page loading. Bundles multiple images together and references them using the background-position CSS attribute. Generates PNG, CSS and HTML.


Slick2D Sprite Sheet Font Test  v.6.0

Slick now has support for packed sprite sheets by loading packed sheets defined by the wonder ImagePacker tool . It is a java developed game.

PNG Icon Generator  v.1 2

An icon generator (png files) for Adobe® AIR™ applications. Generates all 4 icon sizes from a single 256x256 png file.
Rather than creating each specific icon size yourself, create one image (256x256 PNG) in your favorite Graphics Editor and use ...

Sprite Vortex  v.1.3 Beta

Auto map frames on sprite sheet. Sprite Vortex aims to outstandingly reduce the time needed to create frame based sprite animations. It covers common and useful operations such as importing a spritesheet, building spritesheet from separate images , cutting ...

Sprite Master Web  v.1.0

Sprite Master Web creates sprite sheet from your web sprites and exports CSS code. It uses advanced algorithms to generate smallest sprite sheets and saves your time. Supported image formats: PNG, TIFF, GIF Supported Coordinate Data Formats: CSS, XML, ...

Sprite Buddy  v.0.8

Is a free sprite sheet slicer/animator. It allows you to import sprite sheets, cut them into animations & export as XML - which can then be easily parsed by whatever game engine you are using.

It is only available for Windows at present but if ...

Sprite Decomposer  v.0.5

Sprite Decomposer can decompose and create animations from a sprite sheet easily. Different tools are provided to let you cut your image into different animations. Cutting grid - Cutting rectangular - Auto cutting.Sprite Decomposer Features:
* Automatic ...

SpriteSheetCreator  v.1.5

Create PNG sprite sheet files with this tool. SpriteSheetCreator help you generate a PNG sprite sheet file from a SWF. This is useful to allow pixel based game engines to run animations made with Flash.Requirements:
* Adobe AIR ...

TimelineFX Particle Effects Editor  v.1.30

Export the particle effects as static animations onto sprite sheets, animation strips or image sequences in PNG format, or if you develop for the iPhone or iPad, you can export using the PVRTC format (Mac only). If you program games using the powerful ...

TexturePacker  v.2 4

TexturePacker is the most complete tool for sprite sheet creation and image optimization.
The effect of the dithering may give the sprite a bit of a grainy look - but if the sprites are moved even slow this won't be recognizable to the user.

Draft Action  v.1.0.0

Intense Action Game featuring more than 14 types of extensive AI driven opponents, Polished Sprite Sheet Based Art, flawless game mechanics, 1 button + arrows control combo system. Shortly put, I give you everything a huge classics fan loves about Action ...

Barcode Generator & Overprinter  v.6.6.12

Barcode Generator & Overprinter provides the tools necessary to create barcodes and apply them to any paper surface. Its simplicity is its savior, as it makes a very complicated task much easier. Print your own barcodes over labels and invoices. Barcode ...

Midi Sheet Music  v.2.4

Midi Sheet Music is a software that displays sheet music from MIDI music files.
MIDI music files can be downloaded from various sites on the internet, such as www.mididb.com or www.midiworld.com.Midi Sheet Music Features:
1. Displaying Sheet Music ...

RPG Patsy

A cross-platform character generator and digital character sheet for the 3.5 Edition rules that will save you hours of time during character creation and game play. It includes many tools that do all the tedious calculations for you and keep track of ...

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