Sound Measuring Test Schematic


AccentHelper  v.1.0

AccentHelper is a software tool designed to :
- Learn IPA symbols and the sound associated with it using detailed animation of tongue, jaw and lip movements.
- Listen to words, sentences and comparatives and practice the sound generation. There ...

3DMark03  v.3. 6. 2002

The program also has an Image Quality Test tool with advanced rendering controls as well as access to Ref Rast Image Database, 3D Sound Performance Test, CPU Test and the Professional Online Result Browser service too. The good news pertaining ...


Test Tone Generator  v.4 32

Test Tone Generator is a wonderful tool for testing sound systems, create sound effects and so on. The application is very nice and intuitive, but it is not so easy-to-use and requires some previous knowledge. It is very customizable and offers multiple ...

Sound Normalizer 20% discount version

Sound Normalizer improves and regains a quality of Mp3 and Wav files. It is
reached by the test and normalization of the level volume of Mp3 and Wav files. It
contains batch processor and it allows to fulfill the batch test, batch normalization ...

Xilisoft Sound Recorder  v.

Xilisoft Sound Recorder is a very complete audio recording tool. I don't usually say this, but this application has everything you probably need to record any type of audio on your computer. There is also a very nice graphical user interface that makes ...

Speed Test Pro  v.1.0.733

Speed Test Pro is a meter that monitors your internet connection, web site, cpu, memory, Hard Drives, Wifi, LAN, Processes and much more all in real time and will store all data recorded into an log, so it can be easily imported into almost any application.

Alcohol Test  v.

Alcohol Test is used to measure your level of sobriety. When you use alcohol, your motor skills and reflexes slow down.
This test will tell you if you're sober or not measuring your reflexes and your motor skills.
At the bar, the pub or after ...

Eye Test 4 Fun  v.

* upgrade to Mango, support multi-tiles;
* added a new game "3D Sighted";
* add sound effect for both games;

Ever bored with the traditional eye test? Here to offer you this eye test app, with which you can have a real VA test ...

Sound Pattern  v.

Test your memory by reproducing the pattern of lights and sound from Sound Pattern! Watch as the game plays a sequence, then repeat the sequence by pressing each of the five pads.

Sound Card Drivers Download Utility  v.3.5.3

Sound Card Drivers Download Utility will save you a lot of time when reinstalling Windows, both on recent PCs and older computers for which the original CDs containing the drivers have been lost. You no longer have to track down old driver installation ...

Speed Test Pro Gold  v.1.0.736

This Speed Test Meter has it all and allows you to test your full bandwidth speed completely automatically. Speed Testing: Testing your maximum throughput of your connection type. The best way to measure maximum throughput is to download a large file ...

Parsec LAN Test Updater  v.0.197

Parsec LAN Test Updater adds the following:Adds better support for low end graphics cardsFixed some sound issues.

Parsec LAN Test Updater for OSX  v.0.197

Parsec LAN Test Updater adds the following:Adds better support for low end graphics cardsFixed some sound issues.

Record Microphone Only When There Is Sound Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to record the mic when there is noise in the room at a certain sound level. The recorded audio is saved to WAV file format automatically. This software allows for surveillance of an area and allows your ...

ICare Emotion Test  v.2.7.4

iCare Emotion Test--Mobile measuring blood pressure, heart rate, blood lipids, blood oxygen, vision, colorblind, hearing, lung capacity, breath rate, psychological index.
It does not require any peripherals, only use a mobile phone measure blood pressure, ...

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