Solving Quadratic Equations


Quadratic Equations Solver  v.

It gives you complete solution of quadratic equation even in complex form also.It is awesome app that gives you answer in complex form also.Try it .

QuadEquations  v.3.0.1

QuadEquations is capable of generating thousands of quadratic equations for drills to ensure that the student masters the skills in solving quadratic equations.


CMath  v.1.0

cMath is a very simple to use software that can perform moderately advanced math functions, which at this point include: Putting Logs in Y= Form, Solving Quadratic Equations, and Decimal to Fraction Conversion.cMath Features:
1. Putting Logs in Y ...

Quadratic Equation - Step-by-Step  v.

Resolve quadratic equations and show step-by-step how to do it.
Solves irrational equations too.

v 1.3 - Correction of decimal numbers problem ...

Easy Equation Solver  v.1.02

Easy Equation Solver is a simple and easy to use program for solving different equations. The program can solve: Quadratic Equations, Cubic Equations, Two Equations with 2 Unknowns, Three Equations with 3 Unknowns, Determinants 2x2 and Determinants 3x3.

Algebraic Equation Solver  v.

For all those who are tired of calculating algebraic equations!!!! Here is a easy solution for your troubles.This application will help you in solving linear equations in two one varaiable,two varaibles and quadratic equations.

QuadProg  v.1 5

Quadprog: Functions to solve Quadratic Programming Problems.
This package contains routines and documentation for solving quadratic programming problems.
Minimizes the function v = 0.5*x'*H*x f*x subject to the constraint A*x <= b.Initial guess ...

Apophenia  v.1

Allows multiple prime generating quadratic equations to be displayed simultaneously. Plot data and image files can be saved to disk for further analysis. Demo version is limited to prime spirals based on the square and up to two prime generating quadratic ...

MatheMatix  v.1.0.0

Mathematix is a simple and easy-to-use program that is designed to solve quadratic equations and perform Matrix Multiplications. This software was designed using Visual Basic. Visual Studio served as the primary IDE in this project.A matrix is simply ...

Math++  v.

It also solves quadratic equations. (Extended version with Calculus and more formulas coming soon). Feed back is really appreciated!

Version 1.2 (
-Updated to Mango
-Animations Fixed
-Corrected Formulas ...

X2 Factor  v.1.0

About X2 FactorGenerates quadratic equations with random roots and requiring students to solve them. The level of hardness is adjustable by the instructor. The number of problems required and time given to solve each equation is also adjustable.Coming ...

SimulEquations for Mac OS X  v.3.0.2

Shows the two different methods of solving simultaneous equations - by elimination and substitution. Each method is clearly explained in a step by step manner. The elimination method of adding the equations vertically makes solving simultaneous equations ...

Solve It  v.

If you are a scientist , engineer , developer or in any math-related profession , you must have struggled with solving equations that arise during your work ..... Well , with Solve It , no more struggling .

Solve It is a fast , accurate and safe ...

SimplEquations  v.3.1

SimplEquations can solve Simple Equations and Inequalities Easily. Simple Linear Equations and Inequalities, including those with fractions and decimals. Simple rules to help students remember better.
Software for teaching and learning of linear equations ...

Mathematics Tools  v.

Tools for Solving Mathematics problems. Mathematics Tools is a tools that help people in solving Mathematical problems such as: Solving quadratic equation and cubic equationSolving System of equations (2 or 3 unknowns)Working in the Base Number SystemPractice: ...

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