Soldiers Creed


Army Knowledge Phone  v.

1: Corrected scrolling issues & corrected errors under enlisted soldiers ...

Soldiers of Empires  v.1 6

'Soldiers of Empires' is a PC game based upon classic wargame principles. You choose the actions of your own units, which can be to attack an enemy unit, to bombard an enemy unit with artillery fire, to move your unit or to reinforce and renew your unit ...


Little Soldiers  v.1.0

Little Soldiers is a mind bending, strategic-puzzle game that places you and your compatriots on a range of challenging, classified military missions. Armed with rocket missiles, bullets, building materials, pick axes, and your own mind muscle strength, ...

Mars Soldiers-7  v.4.0

Fight in local battles controlling each of soldiers. You'll be able to use special features of super soldiers: Heroes.
Main features:
-7 types of the Heroes for each side
-all Heroes have 7 types of the adjutantsfor each side. Adjutants ...

Assassin's Creed 3 Countdown  v.

This app shows you how long you have to wait before Assassin's Creed 3 comes out!

Assassins Creed Maps  v.

You've probably wasted your life on Assassins creed, and if you have it probably wasn't worth it. Well lucky for you! This app will not only help you waste countless more hours, but it will help you to locate all those flags you didn't find without it ...

Assassin's Creed II Game Guide  v.

Welcome to the unauthorized game guide for Assassin's Creed 2... the sequel to the smash hit! Get all of the information for the revolutionary title for the PS3 and Xbox 360!

In this special Assassin's Creed 2 game guide get instant access to ...

Page Flip Book Assassin's Creed Style  v.1.0

The free Assassin's Creed style themes pack for PDF to flipbook converter is devote to help users making gorgeous flash magazines. Across over a thousand years, the assassins had made their way to 18th century America. Ezio's story ends in peace, and ...

Us army in iraq

Watch soldiers and airfocre of usa army in live image pictures of usa army helicopters,tanks,automatic riflles,missiles in iraq.60 high quality full screen image ...

Stratego  v.2.9

player controls 40 pieces representing individual officers and soldiers in
an army. The objective of the game is to find and capture the opponent's
Flag, or to capture so many enemy pieces that the opponent cannot make any
further ...


Create your squad of soldiers and battle with live players around the world in head to head or coop battles in this massively multiplayer online tactical game.

Chinese Sliding-Block

CaoCao ( The biggest block in centre of top ) is surroundded by five generals and four soldiers. Your mission is to bring him to escape through moving the blocks step by step. The grade is higher if you use less steps. The rule is easy, and the ...

Mario Forever Flash

Of course the mission is to face evil Bowser and the army of his small soldiers. Don't let the Princess wait too long in the castle - somebody needs to bake a cake for Yoshi and Luigi, right?

Contra Game - The Last Warrior

Shoot the enemy soldiers as they land and start coming out of the vehicles. Use many kinds of weapons to annihilate your opponents to dust! Remember to collect bonuses and raise your firearms by selecting it after collect.

Gunz  v.6 4

In this game, you will control soldiers that can be equipped with different weapons and items. You will have to fight against outlaws and bounty hunters, while trying to find ancient treasures that can help you in your quest.

During ...

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