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SLIC - Software Lifecycle Construction

Software development and construction tool to help with the software engineering process. SLIC Caters for the entire spectrum of the software development lifecycle. It helps with organising software documentation in one place and maintaining the history ...

Air Messenger ASCII

Air Messenger ASCII gives you the ability to interface multiple software applications or device for paging by generating a simple text file that our software can process into a page. Air Messenger ASCII also supports DDE and Command Line paging. Supports ...


Sepham I Use Voice  v.Beta 1

With this softwareSepham I Use Voice you can control every device, software or process from everywhere in your house or office without being in front of your monitor simply with your voice.
You can control programs, processes, everything is connected ...

Geometry Blueprint  v.3.0.1

Running under Windows, Blueprint is a modelling tool that will become integral to your software development process. The greatest feature of Blueprint is that it gives you the ability to generate any source code or text based on your model. Experience ...

Deployment Studio Express  v.1. 1. 2002

Deployment Studio Express is an easy-to-use release management tool designed to help streamline the software release process by providing release managers, QA teams and software developers with a set of tools to effectively manage software releases.

Software ...

GIFeq  v.1.21

The software can process a single file or entire directory of GIFs, and shows you to the percentage of (byte) savings for each file. The optimized files can be saved to a new folder, so your original images remain unchanged. GIFeq supports static and ...

Copy N Size  v.5.5

Copy N Size is a handy software that efficiently copies image files and resizes them in one action. The software can process Bitmap, JPEG, PNG, GIF, Icon and Metafile formats. Files are saved by default with the same name and in the same format as the ...

ListMath  v.1.2 Build 69

ListMath is another software to process flow cytometer List Files. Create Histograms, Bivariate Dot plots, Density and Contour plots from Flow Data List Files. Create Regions and Gates on do math. This software has known limitations (Number of parameters, ...

OpenADAMS Editor  v.0.3.2

Goal of this project is to provide a set of tools to manage some of the artifacts appearing in the software development process. Till now the term artifacts basically stands for features, requirements, use cases, architecture and design documents and ...

Automatic Cover Tool  v.1.2.1

The 'Automatic Cover Tool' software will process your MP3, OGG and FLAC files collection and download missed cover images. Album art images are downloaded and saved as image file and/or as image tag in every MP3, OGG and FLAC file in album.

Endeavour Agile ALM  v.1.25

Endeavour Agile ALM is an Open Source solution to manage the creation of large-scale enterprise systems in an iterative and incremental agile software development process.

GridUnit  v.1.1

The GridUnit project is a first effort to use the huge heterogeneity and distributed nature of Computational Grids to imporve the software testing process. It is an extension of the widelly adopted JUnit testing framework.

SE Case Study File Manager  v.1.0

A case study regarding the entire software development process for education in Software Engineering under consideration of general Software Engineering concepts and design patterns ...

Wilos - Process orchestration software  v.1.0

fr) is a process orchestration software. It helps team members to manage a project through the execution of a software development process taking from an exported xml file of the Eclipse Process Framework.

ClickCharts Free Flowchart Software  v.1.24

Create flowcharts easily with this free Windows software. Whether you're mapping out ideas, laying out the structure of your organization or creating UML diagrams, ClickCharts is the perfect user-friendly program to get you going. Simplify complex processes, ...

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