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Soccer Match for Android - Shingo  v.1.1

Shingo: Soccer Match for Android allows the user to handle a real soccer match It can be used by referees, soccer players or while playing soccer with friends. From the beginning to the end of the match Shingo keeps track of what's going on on the field.

Soccer Match Predictor

With the help of advanced algorithms based on neural networks this revolutionary software will predict soccer match results with great accuracy! - Incredibly simple to use! - 100% automatic, no need to enter any data! - Gives you the best recommendations ...


Soccer Match Stats  v.

Soccer Match Stats Descriptions
Join all of the other soccer coaches, assistants, managers, fans, parents, and others that are enjoying Soccer Match Stats. Soccer Match Stats allows you to keep track of a match while you watch. The simple to use interface ...

JavaMatch match engine  v.0.2

JavaMatch is an engine that can search inside a runtime Java data structures, and look for objects that best match the criteria that you specify. The extensive query mechanism allows for highly customizable tuning of your match queries.

Master Kick  v.1. 5. 2004

Master Kick gives you the full atmosphere of soccer match combined with foosball skill. Highly sophisticated AI plus numerous formations, playing in a league or quick match will not sell any soccer fan expectations.

Cricket Coach 2009  v.3 12

Featuring an accurate match engine and detailed strategy options, cricket on your computer has never felt so real! Play as any of the Test Match playing nations, or pick from over 100 domestic sides. Manage your team both off and on the field, they need ...

DB SynchroComp  v.

DB SynchroComp compares two SQL Server (7 - 2005) databases, determines differences between them, and generates the script that will change the target database structure to match the source database structure. After you execute the synchronization script, ...

Maç Sonuçları  v.

Application to show Soccer Match Result.
Supported Language is Turkish.
In Version 1.1 you have Live scores.

V1.1 Canli sonuçlar ve maç programlar eklendı
Bu programda son 5 günlük maç sonuçlarını ...

The Engine Expert  v.1 6

The Engine Expert used computer simulation to give builders of high performance engines a tool
to develop and test ideas. The program helps match engine components to operating
requirements for various applications and across different kinds ...

Linderdaum Engine  v.0.6.08 Alpha

Build applications with the help of this 3D graphics engine. Linderdaum Engine is an open source purely object-oriented 3D gaming engine written in C++. It is designed to be an integrated solution for the development of interactive 3D applications, for ...

SMILEditor  v.1.0.1

Scriptable Multimedial Interactive Locations Engine, is a C++ written multiplatform engine designed to provide simple way to create 2D games and visualisations. SMILE consists of a shared library built upon SDL, data/ script interpret and Qt editorSMILEditor ...

International Cricket Captain 2010  v.1.0

With improved opposition and a re-modeled match engine, you'll face your greatest and most realistic challenge yet in the newest form of the game. Guide your batsmen to get settled quickly and you can see them truly punish the bowling.

Should ...

Half-Life 2: Episode Two  v.1.0

The graphics remain the same, since both games use the same engine, Source. There aren't any new weapons. The game is simply a great sequel, and there are more to come. Episode 2 offers some 10 hours of constant gameplay.

International Cricket Captain  v.10.16

More aggressive and challenging match engine captures the modern game to perfection.
5. Play on-line with your English or Australian domestic team.
6. Sign reserve overseas players and specialist 20 over players
7. Improved vice-captain when ...

Fact200  v.1.10

) and customize which search engine source to use for each category. Fact200 has some interesting features and provides fast and relevant results, however it lacks proper documentation and the interface could use some improvements.Feature List

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