Sleep Timer Winamp


Sleep Timer Pro  v.

Sleep Timer Pro is an all-in-one System Utility to automate the use of your system. With Sleep Timer you may shutdown, reboot, or set an alarm all with a few clicks of the mouse. Set your time in intervals like 15,30,45,60,90 minutes. Version 3.x+ now ...

Sleep Timer  v.

Great for people who have TV cards and want their system to shutdown like a TV sleep timer! A safe shutdown program.


Movie Sleep Timer  v.0.5

This is a sleep timer for the computer. 'Put the computer to sleep' after completion of a film or playlist, monitoring either VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player, or simply set a timer, shutting off the monitor or shutting down the computer. The ...

MP3 Sleep Timer Software  v.7.0

There are options to: shuffle or repeat the playlist, turn off the display for easier sleep and to load the software on Windows startup. The software comes with sample tracks for testing the timer and there is a button to select these. All in all, an ...

NightTunes  v.1 1

NightTunes is a sleep timer plugin for iTunes that can automatically turn off, hibernate or send your computer to standby at the end of a playlist.

Unlike other shutdown solutions, NightTunes does not depend on user-set timers to determine ...

Sleep Music  v.

Sleep Music
- 81 + Sleep Music Sounds
- Sleep Timer
- Unlimited Number of Sleep Music to mix
- Sound Control
- Build a Favorite list of custom mixes.

(some phones volume control will not adjust)
Tested on HTC Arrive and ...

Delayed Shutdown

Enable the sleep timer for it.

Specify in what time your computer should turn off and just fall asleep while an evening show, your favorite movie or music is playing.

ISleep  v.2.6.2

iSleep allows you to set a sleeper timer on music playing in iTunes or on a DVD. That way, you can listen to it while falling asleep without having to wake up to turn it off. iSleep can also wake you up. iSleep. A Mac Alarm Clock & Sleep Timer ...

Music Stop

Some of the special features of Purple Parrot Music Stop that were not listed above include CDDC support for retrieving CD song information from the Internet, MP3 song "tag" data update capability, a popup window to display song information when the main player window is not visible, a sleep timer, and a snooze-option ...

Relaxing Tunes  v.

Application features:
- SLEEP TIMER: perfect for naps, Player stop after set time.
- WAKE UP ALARM: Starts play on set time to wake up gently.

!!!Sound tracks are most loved by Newborns!!!

!!!Sleeping Tunes!!!


Stop Music  v.

Set a sleep timer for your currently playing music, so that your music will turn off after you go to bed!

This app is the only one that will stop ALL music playing from your Windows Phone, including iHeartRadio, Slacker, Zune, or any other third ...

DriftAway DreamMachine  v.

DriftAway DreamMachine is a sleep timer and sound effect machine. Experience falling asleep to the sounds of rain, or a waterfall. Or listening to a stream babble along with birds chirping in the background. Add in a drum beat and some chanting, set your ...

Background Noise  v.

5 update:
-added sleep timer of 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or 8 hours

Play white noise, ocean waves, storm noises, or shopping mall noises in the background of your phone. Great for helping you (or your baby) fall asleep. There ...

ITuneSleep  v.2.1.4

iTuneSleep is a richly featured, easy-to-use Sleep Timer and Alarm Clock for Mac OS X and iTunes which includes a fully functional Remote Control for Salling Clicker. Features: Syncs with iTunes (finds tracks, radio stations and playlists in your library) ...

OnDeck  v.1.7.1

About OnDeckDisplays album artwork for the currently playing iTunes album, can upload the artwork and track information to an FTP or web server and provides a sleep timer.Features:- Fast updates with minimal CPU usage (barely one tenth of a second of ...

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