Simulation Diffusion Cellular Automata


Five Cellular Automata  v.7 70

A cellular automaton consists of:

(a) A structure of cells, such as the squares on a chess board.
(b) A set of values or 'states' such that each cell is associated with a particular state.
(c) A set of rules describing how one state ...

Cellular Automata Rules  v.1.0

Cellular Automata Rules is a simple, very convenient, Java based software designed to display a spatial lattice that can have any one of a finite number of states and that are updated synchronously in discrete time steps according to a local (nearby ...


Celeste Cellular Automaton Simulator  v.2012.02.02

Celeste is a tiny and simple Cellular Automata simulator written in Java. It is a command line application that writes an image of each simulation step. Celeste was designed to run Conway's Game of Life but other rulesets can be implemented as well. It ...

Diffusion Lattice Gas Program  v.1.0

Diffusion of particles on a lattice simulation. Diffusion Lattice Gas software simulates the diffusion of particles on a lattice. The default is a lattice with linear dimension L=40 and N=500 particles.Requirements:
* Java ...

Seurat  v.1.0.1

Seurat offer you an image processing tool that will use Hodgepodge cellular automata and cyclic space to operate on images.Please Note: this software is a Java Web Start Application, you need to right-click on the download file and choose "Launch".Requirements:
* ...

Conway\'s Game of Life  v.0.4.1

A lightweight and fast implementation of Conway's Game of Life and related cellular automata.It includes a pattern viewer running X Windows anda Python module intended to help in designing complex patterns.

MASyV  v.0.11

MASyV (Multi-Agent System Visualization) enables one to write agent-based models/cellular automata, eg. in C, visualize them in real time & capture to movie file with MASyVs GUI & message passing lib. Includes examples: Hello World, ants, viral infection ...

CellFighter ScreenSaver  v.1.2

This screen saver is based on an innovative extension of the Game of Life: two rival swarms of tiny critters wage a non-stop war for the screen space. The behavior of the living armies is highly amusing and unpredictable. The screen saver insensibly adds ...


MWSnap ...

Advanced Design System  v.2011.05

Advanced Design System is the leading electronic design automation software for RF, microwave, and high speed digital applications.
ADS pioneers the most innovative and commercially successful technologies, such as X-parameters* and 3D EM simulators, ...

MathGrapher  v.2.0

Includes linear and nonlinear curve fitting, integration and analysis of coupled ordinary differential equations, iteration and analysis of multi-dimensional maps, matrix operations, Lindenmayer systems and soms cellalar automata.Mathgrapher contains ...

Sand Dust  v.

In the game there were used some of the mechanisms characterising cellular automata and the Falling Sand-like games. There is also a ranking of players where you can compare your results.

The calm and easy game makes you feel relaxed ...

Prenzl!!  v.32

Prenzl!! is a desktop application and a screen saver running artistic cellular automata. The application is based on an Eclipse architecture and the rules can be in native. Our mission is to provide a viewer and an SDK for this kind of art, called CArt.

Cellular Automaton  v.2.0

Cellular Automaton ver. 2.0 is a simulator of a two-dimensional cellular automaton characterized by the following possibilities: 1. Possibility of defining the multi-parameter cells by the user (user defined cells) class Cell: public CellBase { public: ...

JFAST - the Finite Automata Simulator  v.1.2

jFAST is a simple finite automata (FA) graphical simulation utility; it is designed to feature simple mechanisms for creating, editing, and simulating FA. jFAST is ideal for use by students, instructors, and self-guided explorers alike.

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