Simple Machines


EchoForum Simple Machines LACI  v.1 39

This software allows webmasters operating Simple Machines forum software to take advantage of the EchoForum Network and easiely import into their discussion forum many types of content including member based forum networks, usenet newsgroups, RSS feeds, ...

ArcBB  v.rcbbbeta1

ArcBB, a version of SMF (Simple Machines Forum) that has all the latest and greatest mods pre-installed. If you would like to suggest a mod, submit the name and where we can find it via the feature requests form.


Croatian translation of SMF script  v.1.0

A translation project of language interface of the SMF (Simple Machines Forum) software to Croatian language. Prevoenje jezinih datoteka za SMF (Simple Machines Forum) softvera na hrvatski jezik. ...

SMF Mod Creator  v.1.0

An editor for Simple Machines Forum (SMF) modifications, SMF Mod Creator can create, edit, and build simple SMF Mods. SMF is a free PHP forum software by Simple Machines, Lewis Media. Requires Java 5.0.

Flappy Bots  v.2.2

Enterprise produces simple machines, and every day they test their creations on an obstacle course. You get the chance to control one of the participants in the crash test.

MKV2AC3  v.1. 3. 2003

MKV2AC3 is a simple tool that converts MKV with DTS to MKV with AC3 Audio. Does batch conversion. It only accepts MKVs sources ( for now ) and transforms : DTS to AC3, AAC to AC3, AC3 to AC3 ( normalized ).

The versatile video converter lets ...

Zula Season 1  v.

Go on wacky fun-filled adventures with The Zula Patrol! Watch 26 episodes of The Zula Patrol as they save the universe and battle nefarious villians!

Watch shows like:
Comets, Magnetism, Astronauts, and Simple Machines ...

Science Quiz

Topics include Matter, Living and non-living things, Plants, Animals, Reproduction, Energy, Forces, Simple machines, Water cycle, Environment, Astronomy, Biology, Human body systems, Materials, Magnets, etc. Questions are modelled closely to primary ...

Sonitus Mortis  v.0.9.9

Sonitus Mortis is an easy to use drum machine with tuplet- and multi-sample support. It is aimed at musicians that are into progressive styles of music which require high bpm numbers, lots of tempo changes and odd time signatures (i.e. technical death ...

H-BOT NPC Hunter  v.3 3

H-Bot Npc Hunter is Artificial Intelligent software which simulates a real player's gameplay for the EVE-ONLINE game. It manages to uninterruptedly hunt npc pirates at Asteroid belts and can touch the impressive 40-50 Million ISK per hour income if used ...

Dozens Predictor  v.0.3

A programme to make picking one dozen easier (and more profitable).
This is a 'grind' system which gives about one unit profit for each two spins even when there are a large number of spins which indicate 'No Bet' ('NB') on the Bet line.
The ...

NetMeter  v.1. 1. 2004

NetMeter is a bandwidth metering software for Windows. This application takes a rather simplistic approach, which is always good. We don't really want a huge screen telling us what our download and upload speeds are. We want something small and to the ...

JavaScript Collector  v.

JavaScript Collector is a utility for using pre-written JavaScript code, operational and ready to be inserted into any web page code. It doesn't depend on Internet web sites, since it is an offline application with all the data included.

The ...

Qbasic for Windows  v.1 1

QB64 is the Qbasic compiler project by Galleon and has an active forum of beta testers. It is a growing community and the project is moving along well. The project site now has wiki.

Major stages in the exciting transition to IDE autoformatting ...

H-BOT EVE-Pilot  v.1 3

Use this litle program to travel fast in eve-online being afk. No need to stay near your pc and push the annoying warp to zero all the time.

Take a minute to setup coordinates of your overview IC column and the aproach ,jump and warp to buttons.

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