Simple German Phrases


Inspire Me  v.1.0.1

Inspire Me stores and manages simple text phrases. It can display your phrases, changing them throughout the day, on the desktop, in a floating window, or using Growl. Additional phrase collections can easily be downloaded right from within the application.

ElferRaus  v.1

ElferRaus (Elevens First) is a quite simple German card game played with four sets of 20 cards. This version is implemented in Java. As it takes about 80% chance, even the simple AI is fun to play.


Speak German  v.

ESSENTIAL phrases for your trips to Germany. Hear & Learn to speak perfectly pronounced German. Quick and useful! Instead of learning 1000 unnecessary words, learn these 100 essential phrases! Clear audio recordings! Very EASY to use!

The 100 ...

Template Phrases  v.3.0.0

Template Phrases for Microsoft Outlook enables you to quickly insert frequently used text phrases into your messages without having to do any typing. The software integrates with the Outlook message dialog and displays a sidebar that contains your collection ...

LINGWA German Vocabulary  v.1.05

Would you like to learn German but you have problems remembering new words and their correct pronunciation? Try our application to learn German words, sentences and phrases: LINGWA German vocabulary.

Application Content
The glossary includes ...

Audio FlashCards (German)  v.1.4.691

Audio FlashCards is an audio-based German vocabulary flashcard system for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC. The software helps students learn a large number of German words as quickly as possible in a systematic but fun & simple way. The software incorporates ...

Simple Concordance Program  v.4 9

Simple Concordance Program lets you create word lists and search natural language text files for words, phrases, and patterns. SCP is a concordance and word listing program that is able to read texts written in many languages.There are built-in alphabets ...

Apimac English-German Dictionary  v.1.1

English-German Dictionary is an English/German translation dictionary for Mac that combines a comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary with grammatical notes and an ample phrase book containing thousand of English phrases with translations into German.

GETrans - German to English Translator  v.1 6

This program specializes in translating German texts into English, but can also help in translating individual English words into German. With a translation database exceeding 220,000 German words and phrases, including many scientific and technical terms, ...

Simple Text To Speech  v.

A very simple app to turn text into speech.

Saves the last 10 phrases used in the current session.

Pauses and restarts any audio that happens to be playing.

English To German  v.

Easily translate text between English and German. The translations are bidirectional. Switching from English to German and German to English can be done easily simply by swiping your finger accross the screen.

*Simple but elegant ...

German talk&travel - Berlitz Phrasebook  v.

Berlitz talk&travel German - the offline phrase book with audio recordings

• All phrases come with native-speaker recordings
• Conveniently arranged into typical travel situations
• Additional travel dictionary with around 2,500 ...

Play German  v.

Play Games and Learn a New Language!
With over 700 words and phrases, Play & Learn German is the fast, fun, and friendly way to learn to speak German! Enjoy fun "find it" games and immersive learning environments as you listen to and speak aloud German ...

American Law Enforcement phrases  v.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

WAGmob brings you a Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning app on American Law Enforcement Phrases.

This app offers officers and citizens an opportunity to communicate better – translating many commonly used phrases ...

Wie Geht's Beginner German  v.

Just getting started with German? This course contains 25 lessons for beginner students. Each lesson has vocabulary and phrases with high-quality audio by native speakers.

Lessons includes:
- Greetings
- Meetings People
- Talking ...

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