Shower Window Spy Cam


Excalibur  v.6.0.7

The Custom Command - always available as a docked window! Multi-cam can be run as many times as desired. Automatically build the complete multi-cam project from selected clips. Powerful Tally system (automatic or manual updating). Can specify a different ...

CAM Wizard  v.10 15

Cam Wizard monitors live video feed from a USB camera or a networked IP camera. If the feed gets interrupted Cam Wizard wil reconnect automatically. For networked cameras both JPEG and MJPEG streams are supported.

Sophisticated ...


Timer Wizard  v.

Clicking on it, you can get into the main window. The main window consists of a small toolbar and a list of all the active alarms. Each alarm from the list can be easily edited or removed. Alarm and egg timer are set with the help of special dialog windows.

Speaking Email Deluxe  v.6. 1. 2005

Speaking Email Deluxe uses Microsoft Agent characters to read your email messages. Primarily an email notification utility, it also reads header and message content and allows you to send speaking (or non-speaking) email messages and attachments to your ...

Angeliux  v.

cpu load info
memory info
tape calculator with true 32bit base conversion (bin - dec - hex)

application manager
file manager
program manager
task manager
window manager
window ...

Label Wizard  v.3 32

Label Wizard makes it fun and easy to print out professional address labels onto any self adhesive label sheets. Compatible with all laser and inkjet printers, no complicated user manuals to read. Better value than a dymo etc.

Label Wizard has ...

AppAway  v.1.0

-You got something to hide?
-You want to secretly turn your quick cam into a spy-cam.

Audio Input Test  v.1.0

Routes your microphone through your default speakers. Audio Input Test simply routes a specified audio input device (microphone) through your computers default audio output device so that you can hear the input input device working and check it for correct ...

Sofeggio Mixer  v.1.03

Sofeggio Mixer is a standalone software (no installation needed), it allows you to generate the purest of frequencies using your PC. Volume sliders are available for the six sacred Solfeggio frequencies as well as many more variants of the Solfeggio scale:

Label Wizard Pro  v.3.32

This software allows you to print address labels in a matter of seconds.

Webcam Motion Detector  v.2.3

Motion detection and webcam monitoring. Video surveillance with multiple IP cameras and video capture devices. For each video frame, if motion is detected, the Alarm event occurs, that returns a global motion ratio, depending of the number of cells in ...

Spycam Lizard  v.1.230

Spycam Lizard is a covert surveillance App. It's a cheap, compact, quick-install. It is the stealth motion detection webcam system that may solve your monitoring issue. It has an embedded HTTP server for remote-viewing. Check out the free trial!

Window Detective  v.3.2.1

Window Detective is a programmer's tool used to "spy" on an application's windows and allows you to view and even modify some of it's properties. Key features of Window Detective include: View properties of windows such as text/title, dimensions and ...

HeavyMath Cam 3D Webmaster Edition

HeavyMath Cam 3D Webmaster Edition is the only webcam software which enables you to record 3D anaglyph stereo video from two webcams and broadcast the 3D images on the web.

Cam 3D makes it easy. Two webcams with the same focal length is all you ...

Game Cam  v.

Game Cam is a video game recording application for Windows. The application creates its own video recording device under Windows, which allows it to record what is going on in the screen. Game Cam is used via hotkeys. The default hotkey is the Home key.

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