Send Files Quickly


Outlook Zip and Email Files Quickly Software

Zip and send files via Outlook to multiple recipients.

How to Recover My .BKF Files Quickly  v.5.7

bkf files because we have advanced solution for recover .bkf files and that is BKF recovery utility that makes you able to recover damaged BKF files. Here you can also get free support to repair corrupt BKF files. No need think more about it use DEMO ...


Send6 Wizard

You can send files directly from your desktop with just a few clicksup to 6x times faster than E-mail no FTP hassles Safe and Secure Recipient doesn't need any software to get the files Resume sending when connection is lost Get it now for FREE ...

DilbertFiles Client  v.3 5

To join to growing group of DilbertFiles members
Send files directly from your desktop at maximum transfer speed. The DilbertFiles Windows application will resume interrupted transfers and will pickup where it has left of, even after you have rebooted ...

FastSend  v.2. 1. 2001

FastSend provides the fastest, easiest and most secure way of sending your files. Through an intuitive interface, the user can send files to any email address.
FastSend solves the well-known file transfer problems of email attachment size limitations, ...

Securely Send  v.1.0.1

Send Large Files Quickly Upload and send all of your files quickly and efficiently, directly from your desktop with Securely Send. Easily The Securely Send desktop application makes it easy to upload and send all types of files to all of your contacts.

Easy Copy Files  v.1.7.2

Easy Copy Files is a easy and faster copying tool that let you quickly send files from source location to destination location. It’s a multi threaded program allowing many files to be copied in parallel. You can also delete files from the folder you ...

PDF Change Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, Dates In Multiple Files Software

Change general document information (meta data) in many PDF files quickly. You can even batch-modify the title data field of a PDF to be the same as the filename.

Replace in Files  v.1 1

While editing HTML files, it is common to replace specific strings in all files with the same extension in the same folder. "Replace in Files" makes it easy to accomplish this task.

"Replace in Files" quickly replaces strings matching your search ...

Get Back Macintosh Files  v.2 1

Have you accidentally deleted files or emptied the trash bin by mistake on your Mac HDD? If yes, then try Recover Data for Mac data recovery software to get back deleted Mac files quickly and easily on Mac hard disk. This software will help you to choose ...

Crypto4 Files  v.2.0

Crypto4 Files lets you perform both simple file operations such as pack files into ZIP archive, send files by e-mail, securely delete files and advanced security operations such as signing and encryption of files and folders. All operations are performed ...

F30 Recover Files  v.2013

FREE Recover Files quickly and effectively restore all those files that you may have deleted by mistake.* Recovers files deleted bypassing Recycle Bin. * Recovers files deleted even after you have emptied the Recycle Bin.  * Recovers files deleted accidentally ...

AlphaZIP  v.1. 3. 2001

ZIP files finally made easy.

The Alpha ZIP advantage

With ZIP, RAR, CAB and other compressed formats, you can download and send files, documents and images more quickly and easily. The problem is that they're also confusing to work ...

DropCopy Pro  v.1.77

Easily and quickly send files and folders to multiple destinations across your network by simply dragging files onto recipients in a popup window. DropCopy is simply the easiest way to get data from one place to another quickly without dialogs ...


Delenda identifies files older than x days based on file creation, modification, last accessed date. Remove or move files to archive folders.
3 methods for deletion:
- delete expired files immediatly
- delete and send files to Recycle Bin
- ...

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