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M-Audio Black Box  v.1.6.4

M-Audio Black Box new driver update:More user-friendly control panelDSP firmware update option included*DSP firmware update procedure simplified*Note: The DSP firmware update process is not done during the driver installation. After the driver install ...

Open Black Box Builder  v.bbb10042012

Modular application for biomedical data processing.


XMLTester - black box functional testing  v.1.0

The XMLTester is an open-source platform for system-level testing of message based XML applications, including "Web Services" applications. XMLTester is implemented primarily in Java.Please see for details.

Aargon BlackBox

Fire lasers into a black box and watch the outgoing clues to figure out what's hidden inside. The black box contains mirrors, prisms, splitters and other laser tweaking tools. Color also plays a part as filters and prisms split and merge different colored ...

TimeSnapper Professional

TimeSnapper is an Automatic Screenshot Journal and the black box for your computer. It runs in the background of your computer, taking screenshots of your desktop every few seconds all week long. With TimeSnapper you can play back your week just like ...

QuickRWall  v.2.01.0007

QuickRWall is perhaps the best tool on the market for retaining wall design! It will get you out of the 'black box' and into high-quality wall design in short order. The reports are excellent with full equations and intermediate data readily available ...

Zeta Test  v.

Zeta Test is an integrated test management environment that enables you to perform black-box tests, white-box tests, regression tests or change management tests of software applications.

Zeta Test helps you to plan, perform, log, monitor and ...

T-Plan Robot  v.2.0.5

T-Plan Robot (formerly known as VNCRobot) is one of the most flexible and universal black box automated testing tools on the market. Developed on generic image based testing principles, it provides a human-like approach to program testing and it performs ...

BlackBox  v.

Find the hidden orbs in a black box by only sending beams of light in it.
Fun and addictive puzzle game.

Version 1.1:
* Scoreloop integration (Online Highscore)
* default settings changed ...

WDSolve 1.0.10 Beta  v.1.0

WDSolve is a black box solver for nonlinear hyperbolic partial differential equations. WDSolve is based on the Wave Digital method, leading to explicit finite difference schemes with superior stability properties.

BBT  v.1.0

BBT Starter Kit is a PC based plug&play environment for Set Top Box testing. The package contains a Device Under Test (STB), required hardware, software, and documentation for carrying out 25 most typical illustrative functional tests of the given set-top ...

OpenSearchServer  v.1539

An open source search engine and crawler based on best open source technologies: lucene, zkoss, tomcat, poi, tagsoup. A stable, high-performance piece of software. It is a modern search engine and a suite of high-powered full text search algorithms. OpenSearchServer ...

Ledas 2D Geometric Solver  v.6.0

Ledas 2D Geometric Solver is a software engineered to support two-dimensional parametric sketching/drawing in CAD and computer graphics systems.Ledas 2D Geometric Solver supports creation and modification of the geometric models by means of constraints.

LEDAS 3D Geometric Solver  v.5.0

It is commonly used as parametric engine for direct modeling of 3D geometry, assembly design, motion analysis, and other 3D geometric modeling applications. LGS 3D is a cross-platform software packages running on 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows, Linux, ...

Declan's Korean Dictionary  v.1. 2. 2320

The main application window is divided into three basic sections: Search String, Search Results, and Word Definition. We can start by entering a word in the Search String box. This word can be an English word, or a Korean word (Hangul). Before clicking ...

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