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File Search for LAN  v.1 1

File Search for LAN is a search utility, which is based on the fastest and high performance search engine. Search files on network shares. Suitable for the mp3 search. Advanced statistics, feature rich user interface.


Listing by printer of all the resulting elements of a search, advanced or selective (read, not read books, with notes, etc). Print the data of a single element (book, subject, author, etc). Displacement of a book between surroundings (at the moment to ...


JiJi GPO Search

JiJi GPO Search tool enables administrator to search GPOs with a user specified keyword. It extends the GPO search beyond the limit by providing individual settings level search.It resolves the search limit you had with Group Policy Management (GPMC).


MetaFind - a powerful search tool with four ways to search: MetaSearch queries 20 major search engines at once; Web Search directly searches over 5000 web sites; Custom Forms search specialized web sites; Hybrid Search combines MetaSearch and Web Search.


With GasFinder, you can: Search up to twelve Gas Price Web Sites at once; Save and Print your searches; Automatically search every time the program is run; and of course SAVE MONEY ON GAS!! What's the catch? There is no catch, no form to fill out, you ...

Abacre File Encryptor  v.1.0

Encrypt any files or folders by using 39 advanced encryption algorithms. You can compress files during encryption so the resulting file size will be even smaller to hold on your disk or transfer via Internet. The software has a built-in secure password ...

Newegg  v.

The app allows Windows Phone 7 users to search, shop, read reviews and make purchases on Newegg.com.

Once you know, you Newegg®.

- Comprehensive product specifications.
- 1.7+ millions customer reviews.
- ...

Store Manager for osCommerce  v.

Quick product search, advanced filters, order notifications, support for native characters and many other useful features are available

Store Manager for osCommerce is an easy-to-use desktop application with simple installation. User-friendly ...

Multiformat File Searcher

Multiformat File Searcher is an utility that allows you to find text quickly in any document on your computer.

MagneticOne Store Manager for  v.

- You can create your own osCommerce Custom Reports - it's easy, just some basic SQL skills required
- Quick product search, advanced filters, order notifications, support for native characters (Japanese, Arabic etc.) and many other useful ...

ILore ProjectTrack  v.2007.6

Main features:
-All Company details
- Associated Documents
- People/Contacts/Resources
- Projects
- Departments
- Initiatives
- Locations
- People Skills
- Programs
- Assets
- Schedule
- All Project Details
- Associated Documents
- Assigned People/Resources to projects
- Action Items
- Milestones
- Project Journal
- Issue management and resolution
- Change Management
- Risk Management
- Mitigation Plan and Steps for Risk
- Meetings
- Agenda and Decision tracking for Meetings
- Teams
- Assigned Assets to projects
- Decisions
- Schedule
- Print Preview
- Detail Reports
- Grid Reports
- Report Customization
- Inclusion of logo and background in Reports
- Report Saving to PDF (Acrobat)
- Report Saving to MS Word (as RTF)
- Report Saving to MS Excel
- Report Saving to HTML
- Report Saving to XML
- Report Saving to Text (TXT)
- Report Saving to Image (JPG)
- E-mail Templates with variables
- Directly E-mail People
- Directly E-mail Teams
- User Management
- Meeting Agenda templates
- Application access secured with User ID and Password
- Password Recovery via secret question and answer
- Multi-User
- Ability to create group of users
- Security access levels for users and groups
- Ability to work disconnected from the server database
- Automatic data recovery
- Automatic database clean up
- Automatic data backup
- Backup Restore
- Multi-User
- DB Utils program to compress and export database
- Works with Microsoft SQL Server (2000, 2005 & 2008)
- Assign documents to any type of Item
- Drag and Drop documents from anywhere
- Storage of documents as links
- Email documents to a group of people
- Storage of documents in the database
- Email documents to a team
- Advanced Document Search ...

Wysigot  v.6 2

Wysigot is the software to capture, monitor and manage any document on the web, your local network or your computer.
It captures the entire contents of your sites, with their scripts, flashes, cookies etc., but offers numerous other functions as ...

Phone Recorder Plus  v.1 1

general point: Automatically records incoming calls, Records outgoing calls, Complete 'Answering machine' software, Professional calls log, Adding remarks, flags and priority for each call, Display of voice and speech, while a call is incoming, and when it ends, Controls the call- allows total control over an incoming call, An advanced voice mail - allows ...

Phone Calls Filter  v.

Powerful search. Advanced and user-friendly graphic interface. Registration log for all calls and events. Runs as a service. And much more... Try it for free!

Axigen Free Mail Server for Linux  v.8.0

The FREE edition is intended for businesses looking for a great all-in-one alternative to open source, offering advanced mail services for 100 users (including 5 calendaring users) and a large set of available add-ons.

The Axigen Free Mail Server ...

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