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PDF Power Brand

PDF Power Brand is free software that allows anyone to create "viral marketing tools" for affiliate marketers to promote their products using e-books and special reports. Create effective marketing campaigns using the power of PDF files and teach your ...

Email Scrabble .Net  v.

Email Scrabble .Net is a word game that can be played between two or more individuals with email addresses. You can launch the application now by clicking on the 'Play' link on the right of the homepage URL . If the game doesn't start, you can install ...


Scrabble Trainer Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to memorize the valid 2-letter, 3-letter and 4-letter words for the game of Scrabble.

Scrabble Letter Unscrambler Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to unscramble a set of Scrabble letters to form usable words. For example, the letters 'T A T U P R E C' will produce 'CAPTURE' and 'CURTATE' if the 7-letter option is selected. The user simply enters ...

Scrabble Journey  v.1.1.1

Use your word-building skills to travel the globe in this combination of high-adventure and SCRABBLE fun! The Society of Puzzle Adventurers has a challenge for you: place letter tiles on richly illustrated maps to create a path around the world and return ...

Scrabble Dictionary  v.1.0

Scrabble Dictionary is a dictionary / word builder for ScrabbleA®-like games. It allows you to determine which words can be formed with a given rack and board. Features single and multi-player modes, multiple board designs and tile bags.

Brand awareness  v.

Are you brand crazy??
Take the quiz to test your knowledge about brands.

4 Letter Scrabble  v.

4 Letter Scrabble is a scrabble like game where you create words only by using four letters.
The game has global TOP Score chart. Every month, best player score will be transfered into Overall Top Score chart and current chart will be cleared. Be ...

Scrabble Scorer  v.

Scrabble Scorer scores your live games for you. It also provides the ability to lookup legal scrabble words. Supported dictionaries:

English - TWL
Français- ODS5 ...

German WordFeud Scrabble Helper  v.

Deutsch Wordfeud Scrabble Helper ist die beste Wordfeud und Scrabble helper app, die mehr als 100000 deutsche Wörter enthält.

Key Features:
- Flexible Suchoptionen
- Schnelle Suche und Ergebnisse zurückgeben.
- ...

French WordFeud Scrabble Helper  v.

Wordfeud Scrabble Helper est le meilleur Wordfeud et le Scrabble helper app qui contient plus de 400000 mots français compatibles avec ODS5.

Principales caractéristiques:
- Flexibilité des options de recherche
- Recherche rapide et ...

Italian WordFeud Scrabble Helper  v.

Italiana Wordfeud Scrabble Helper A? il migliore Wordfeud e Scrabble app di supporto che contiene piAa di 400000 parole italiane.

Caratteristiche principali:
- Opzioni flessibili ricerca
- Ricerca veloce e restituire i risultati.
- ...

Spanish WordFeud Scrabble Helper  v.

Spanish WordFeud Scrabble Helper is the best WordFeud and Scrabble helper app that contains more than 100000 Spanish words.

Key features:
- Flexible searching options
- Fast searching and return results.
- Able to sort by length, ...

International Remote Scrabble  v.1.0

Scrabble. Cross-platform, remote play, i18n'ed, custom dictionaries with unicode support. Written in Java.

Lexy, a Scrabble playing bot  v.beta2

Lexy is a Scrabble-playing bot written in OCaml. Because it can be compiled to a machine executable, it is wicked fast.

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