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BreezeMail  v.2.11

Fast, easy to use email client. Freeware email client - fast, facile and portable.
* POP3 and SMTP with Authorisation
* TLS / SSL Support
* Attachments
* Anti-spam strategy
* Anti-phishing
* Secure: blocks external ...

Paranoy  v.0.7.0

a fast email client for console that support pop3 and smtp protocols also with ssl connections and more paranoic futures...


DreamCoder for MySQL Freeware

DreamCoder for MySQL Freeware is an excellent tool for managing the MySQL database server. This tool is ideal for people who are learning about the database and who need basic server functionality.

DreamCoder for MySQL Enterprise Freeware  v.6.0

DreamCoder for MySQL Enterprise Freeware is a tool for developing and managing MySQL databases. This product can increase the productivity and quality of development teams and database administrators (DBAs).

In the DreamCoder for MySQL you ...

DreamCoder for Oracle Freeware

DreamCoder for Oracle Free Edition is a free powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and administration tool for Oracle Databases. With the intuitive DreamCoder's GUI increase your code quality and reduce the development process time.

WinSCP Portable  v.5.0.7 Build 2268 Beta

WinSCP is an open source free FTP client and SFTP client for Windows that also supports the SCP protocol. WinSCP U3s main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer.On startup the Portable executable looks for INI file in ...

Gekko Manager  v.0.77

Gekko Manager is a freeware file manager and FTP client for Windows. It is like Windows Explorer, but can do much more, for example; access FTP servers, pack and unpack ZIP files, save log file. It has grate interface with two fixed windows side by side ...

WodSFTP  v.3.6.2

The Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP Client) provides secure file transfer functionality over any reliable data stream, SSH in this case. It is the standard file transfer protocol for use with the SSH2 protocol.

wodSFTP component implements ...

YMail  v.1.0.0293

yMail can be used as a spam cleaner for your existing email setup, and also as a standalone email client. yMail's spam filters use Bayesian techniques. You can show yMail which messages are spam and which are not (before you even download them to your ...

WodSFTPdll  v.3.6.2

wodSFTPdll library implements client side of this protocol which is reliable and easy to use.

SFTP protocol is designed to provide primarily file transfer, but also more general file system access on the remote server - in secure manner.

WinSC  v.1 29

Recenly, some antivirus applications, most notably the Microsoft Windows Defender, started to trigger the OpenCandy advertising module contained in WinSCP installer as an adware. We want to ensure out users, that there's absolutely no threat connected ...

Pragma Fortress SSH ClientSuite  v.5.0

Pragma Fortress SSH Client Suite is a comprehensive collection of Windows client-side programs that give you secure access to files and data on remote computers. The new Gen2 Telnet Server supports Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and PowerShell. Pragma ...

{name} Password Recovery  v.4.1.1309.0

{name} Password Recovery is a program that will show your forgotten FTP passwords. This FTP password finder is very easy to use and can recover passwords from {name} instantly.

Symantec Ghost Console Client  v.83.0

Creates full system and file backups - Safeguards your system, settings, applications, and files with flexible, comprehensive backup protection.
Restores from system failures - Recovers your system and data even when you can't restart your computer.

AdRem Free Remote Console  v.2006

Freecon is a freeware utility for fast eDirectory-enabled access to the NetWare server console that that uses IPX and TCP/IP. Due to the custom compression algorithm, the program makes it possible to work effectively over very slow and overloaded Internet ...

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