Scary Stories


Halloween 3D Photo Screensaver

This Halloween 3D Screensaver gives fun tones of spooky holiday so you can get prepared for trick or treating, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, visiting haunted attractions or reading and watching scary stories.

Picture Sorter to Sort pictures by Date  v.5.73

Scary stories. Stories where the protagonist actually stores stuff on hard drives, or takes pictures on a 24-exposure roll of film. Things that will seem practically archaic in our bright, jetpack-filled future.

That's kind of how things work ...


Deadtime Stories  v.32.0

Deadtime Stories is a chilling hidden object adventure game which establishes a new maturity and quality benchmark for the genre. Released in April 2010 the game garnered very positive reviews from critics and spectacular player feedback. Sinister thrills ...

Grey Olltwit's Social Stories  v.2.5.118

Social Stories are simple stories with pictures to help children know what is expected of them at certain times. They can allow them to overcome their fears or complete tasks which they need help understanding. This program contains a number of Social ...

Scary games to play  v.8.0

scary games to play ...

The Book of Bible Stories

The Book of Bible Stories Contains the Best Stories On The Bible. Written in simple and understandable language, the stories are perfect for retelling to Children of All Ages. The wonder book of Bible stories is not only a recasting of the familiar stories ...

Scary Halloween 3D Screensaver  v.1.06

The coming night is the Halloween! The Scary Halloween!

Hikari Stories  v.1.0

Are you an anime artist? Do you draw anime characters?
With Hikari Stories, you can make your character talk to other characters, mixed with custom backgrounds, voice-overs, music, dialog text, narration text, and more.

Hikari Stories ...

Mystery Stories: Island of Hope  v.32.0

Mystery Stories Island of Hope is a great adventure and very well made game. This game will challenge your mind and speed with different hiding objects tasks. The main objective of this game is to find a series of hidden objects in different places around ...

Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights  v.32.0

'Mystery Stories: Berlin Nights' develops in Berlin, as its name indicates. The story begins at Berlin's International Airport where an investigation group arrives to investigate a peculiar mystery. Apparently, during World War 2 a super special power ...

Scary Slots  v.5.0

Scary Slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine (pokie) with a horror theme.
Whenever the letters spell : S C A R Y anywhere on the reels the feature is won.
When the Feature is won, you can choose one of the following:
- 8 Free games ...

Gospel Stories  v.1.0

The Gospels feature many of the most beautiful stories of all times. Many of us may have heard them without knowing that they are a part of the New Testament. This BibleStudyPro free module presents many of the most known and beautiful Gospel stories.

SIMtastic Stories Bundle  v.

Explore your passion for art both ancient and new with the SIMtastic Stories Bundle, a captivating duo of games for one low price.

Look into the past and discover the wonders of artists now gone to learn that the greatest riches are those that ...

Dreamsdwell Stories 2 - Undiscovered  v.1.0

There are several islands in Dreamsdwell Stories 2, not the only one Main Island, Snow Island and Tropic Island. You will be able to travel between the islands by completing special types of levels, where you have to make the chain that repeats ...

Free Scary Halloween Screensaver  v.1.0

The scary Halloween screensaver is designed specifically for people that are celebrating the Halloween. The animated graphics in the screensaver are displayed in high resolution. The slideshow of the Halloween scene will keep on rotating. The screensaver ...

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