Say Anything Band


Cleverbot  v.

Talk to an app with Actual Intelligence! Say anything you like and it will reply. Make a friend! Roleplay, lyrics, jokes, memes - all sorts!

Endless variety and hilarious replies mean people keep chatting for hours. It talks the way you do - ...

Hamster Voice  v.

Say anything and hamster will repeat it after you with it's fun and nice voice.

Have fun with friends or at party, make hamster repeat a words from song or anything else - this app will be your guide in achieving many hours of laugh.


Slife  v.3.0

Obviously, it say anything about if we use the time well, or if you meet your goals right on time, but it helps you to adjust your time estimation about a task.
A good idea to improve it, will be set for a given task, a reasonable time estimation ...

PlayRF USA  v.15.0

Since the trial version does not include that feature, I can't say anything about it, apart from that I think it is a nice feature. After the scan was completed, I was told how many problems my computer had and I chose to optimize it by solving them.

Morfo  v.

Ever wonder what your cat might look like six times heavier and wearing, say, clown makeup? Morfo can show you! Now want to see him rocking out to crazy speed metal? Done! Unleash your diabolical imagination on those photos.

Morfo is simple, ...

Band Minus One  v.2 1

Band Minus One allows users to create accompaniments for songs. It can be used not only by professional singers and musicians but by amateurs as well. This program has a user-friendly interface, which makes no difficulties in using the program. The essential ...

Desk Band Clock-7  v.1 1

Desk Band Clock-7 is program that displays the current time or date on the taskbar or, as dock able, on the desktop. You can widely change appearance of the clock: use custom font, colors, background fill, format of the current time or date. Features: ...

Quit Anything  v.2.2

Quit Anything is simple application that can be used to quit processes. It lets you quit multiple processes all at once without having to switch to each one, and also lets you quit background processes (a.k.a., 'Faceless Background Apps' or 'Daemons').

How to say it in Russian

Just want to say that you have a very useful website to those who want to go to Russia and speak the Russian. Greeting People - Say Hello in Russian. Finally, you need to be able to ask how to say things in Russian or find out what a Russian word means ...

Myspace Band Finder

Now you have the tool you need to search Myspace band profiles that eliminates tedious manual searches! In three quick steps you can have the search results that otherwise might have taken you hours to process. Select your search parameters by genre (one ...

Karaoke Anything!  v.1.0

Karaoke Anything! is a program that turns your PC into a karaoke machine.

This program allows you to remove the vocals from almost any song, saving then tracks ready to use in karaoke.
Karaoke Anything! supports .mp3 files and ...

RoMac 10 Band Equalizer  v.

The RoMac 10 Band Graphic Equalizer coupled with your present computer's soundcard, affords you the finest Windows based digital equalizer made for the Amateur Radio community.

Using professional techniques such as audio equalization will enhance ...

Record-Anything  v.2 95

Record-Anything, as it is obvious from its title, is a nice application that will let you record any sound you want. The application is very easy to use and configure due to its simplicity, most likely it was primarily oriented to novices; still, the ...

Dell TrueMobile 1400 Dual Band WLAN  v.

Dell TrueMobile 1400 Dual Band WLAN Mini-PCI Card enables the sharing of a local printer and files with others in the network, enables Internet connection sharing, and enables roaming about the office wire-free. This wireless LAN solution is designed ...

Say-Now  v.3. 8. 2013

Say-Now is 'Wow!' software. Begin telling your computer what you want it to do. Say-Now is voice recognition software to command and control your computer. Reduce or eliminate mouse clicks or keyboard input. It can enhance your computing experience by ...

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