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AvisMap GIS Engine Sample Projects  v.5.0

AvisMap GIS Engine Sample Projects is a bundle of sample of different projects that you can see how they work.


There are sample projects and a free 100 page book "BTU Bill's Guide to Energy Conservation" to help you get the most out of the analysis. The program has a weather database of 200 U.S. and 150 cities overseas. This program calculates exactly how much ...


UML2OWL  v.1.0

The software supports Visual Paradigm (XMI2.1), Microsoft Visio 2010 (XMI1.0) and ArgoUML (XMI2.1).
UML2OWL Features:
1. Transformation of UML 2.0 into OWL Ontologies (Protege support)
2. Fast and relieable: supports Visual Paradigm XMI 2.

SmartCard API  v.4 6

NET programming languages such as Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#, and many others. It can even be used from code hosted inside the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

ASP Printer COM

ASP Printer supports all programming languagea that can call ActiveX components (COM), such as VB (Visual Basic), VBA, VB.NET, C#.NET, VC++.NET, ASP.NET, MS Office (Word, Excel, Access), VC++, Delphi, VBS etc.

3D Screen Creator  v.0.3.5

The program includes a collection of sample projects and media to use in your screen savers. Just import any 3D objects, add skins, background, text, effects, make lightning, and set the position of the camera. There is Font creation tool that will help ...

VBGold ActiveResize Control V.2.0  v.2.0

0 (VB5) is a fully-automatic VB form resizer control that automatically detects the screen resolution on the user machine (at run-time) and will automatically resize and reposition your VB (Visual Basic) application forms so that they look exactly that ...

ProjectDiff  v.

ProjectDiff is an utility to compare and synchronize projects, compare and synchronize folders, compare and merge files. Take control of your projects, source code, web pages and other files with ProjectDiff. Use it to compare, understand and combine ...

ROM With a View - Director's Cut  v.3 4

Featuring an intuitive, visual development environment (WYSIWYG), requires no programming language or training class to get the job done.

Going for a block buster, a suite of powerful features meets the most demanding production requirements.

ImagesInfo Barcode Generator  v.1 3

* Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Delphi sample projects with source code included.

ImagesInfo Barcode Reader Toolkit  v.1 4

Sample projects source codes in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi are prepared for saving time to learn and integrate the toolkit.

Easy 3D Creator 3.0 Freewa  v.1.0

The program includes a collection of sample projects and media to use in your screen savers. With Easy 3D Creator you can earn money by selling shareware screen savers. Amaze your friends, promote your trade mark as well as get unlimited number of screen ...

NIST (ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000) library  v.1.0

One single NIST (ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000) file is able to contain following types of data:
Type-1 Transaction Information
Type-2 Descriptive Text (User-defined)
Type-3 Fingerprint Image Data (Low-resolution grayscale)
Type-4 Fingerprint Image Data (High-resolution grayscale)
Type-5 Fingerprint Image Data (Low-resolution)
Type-6 Fingerprint Image Data (High-resolution)
Type-7 Image Data (User-defined)
Type-8 Signature Image Data
Type-9 Minutiae Data
Type-10 Facial & SMT Image Data
Type-11 Reserved for Future Use
Type-12 Reserved for Future Use
Type-13 Latent Image Data (Variable-resolution)
Type-14 Tenprint fingerprint Impressions (Variable-resolution)
Type-15 Palmprint Image Data (Variable-resolution)
Type-16 User-defined Testing Image Data (Variable-resolution)

Sample projects are provided for:
Microsoft ...

WSQ image library (for fingerprints)  v.1.0

Cognaxon WSQ image library provides the easy way to add WSQ image format support to your software projects. WSQ image library reads and converts between WSQ and 11 other graphic file formats, it is small (~ 1.5 Megabyte) and fast, and has graphics ...

Encryption Toolkit 2003 Trial Edition  v.1.0

The COM encryption Interface simplifies encryption from Visual Basic, Embedded Visual Basic, Visual C++, Embedded Visual C++, and ASP. The Nickellie Encryption Toolkit includes complete documentation, sample code, and free technical support to get you ...

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