Safeguard Against


NetNoise  v.


-Focuses on a single tweet
-Flick through tweets
-Safeguard against unintentional 3G data usage.
-ability to open integrated links automatically.

PCBooster Free File Locker  v.7.3.6

Do you have some crucial business documents that you don't want anyone else to access? Or you have some homemade video and song recordings stored in a folder that's easy to find? PCBooster Free File Locker is a safeguard against any kind of data theft ...


PresenTense NTP Auditor  v.3 8

Paper logs are created in real-time to safeguard against data loss. See also NASD OATS Regulatory Compliance.

- Synchronization Software Watchdog - PresenTense NTP Auditor actively monitors your time synchronization software and raises an alarm ...

VersaCheck  v.

Built-in Positive Pay support to safeguard against account theft.
28. Payroll ready for QuickBooks & more prom paychecks to W2s
29. Monitor receivables
30. Generate custom invoices, estimates & statements
31. Design & print custom business ...

Nero 9  v.1.0

Protect, back up, and recover your memories Nero 9 includes new easy and convenient tools to protect your valuable memories and confidential data, plus safeguard against system crashes, natural disasters, and human error. The new Auto Backup feature ...

SafeGuard PrivateCrypto  v.2.31.100

SafeGuard PrivateCrypto can close these security loopholes. It provides encryption that is both easy to integrate and easy to use. It can protect valuable, confidential data on PDAs, notebooks and PCs, and ensure that it is sent securely by email.SafeGuard ...

Easy Disk Drive Safeguard  v.10.0

Easy Disk Drive Safeguard is a password-protected security utility that you can use to hide and lock your local, network, Floppy and USB drives as well as disable the AutoRun feature for them. When you hide or lock your drives, they become hidden or unavailable ...

USB Safeguard  v.8.0

USB Safeguard is a portable software that allows you to protect your private files with a password on your removable drive using the secure AES 256 bits key. It protects data by creating a password-protected virtual drive on your portable storage device ...

Lizard Safeguard Secure PDF Viewer  v.

Lizard Safeguard - PDF Viewer 2.5 is the only software that was designed to open the Safeguard PDF Writer protected Adobe PDF documents. The program requires a (.llv) file which is sent by the protected document's author. The application enables the document ...

XP SafeGuard  v.2 1

XP SafeGuard is a system modification and customization tool. It allows you to change certain settings in your system that can't be otherwise modified without the use of the Registry editor to modify the registry manually. There are some settings that ...

SafeGuard Easy  v.

SafeGuard Easy offers:

* Transparent full-disk encryption for laptops and desktop PCs
* User-friendly power-on authentication, synched with single sign-on to the operating system for added convenience
* Biometric authentication ...

Lizard Safeguard PDF Writer  v.

Lizard Safeguard PDF Writer is a simple to use, yet extremely secure application, enabling you to protect, publish and license your PDF documents directly from Windows Explorer. You can control precisely who can view your protected PDF documents, and ...

Rage Against The Machine Feed  v.

Get the latest news and updates from Rage Against The Machine, directly from Rage Against The Machine website's RSS feed!

Against The Spread NFL  v.

Check each NFL team's performance against the spread. Get data for Overall, At Home, Away, As Favorite, As Underdog, etc. Use the data when making your picks for your NFL office pool.
Data updated after the final game for each week.

People Against Corruption  v.

Get all the updates about what Government and People are doing against Corruption through it.

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