Sad Cartoons


Old Cartoons eBook  v.1.0

Old Cartoons eBook highlighting four cartoons. These classic cartoons are still watched today. Read up about Captain N: The Game Master, Wuzzles and many more favorites. The eBook has information on these great classic cartoons.

Sad Quotes  v.

Some Sad Quotes for you people's..!!


Cartoons Wallpapers  v.

This is a big collection of cartoons wallpapers such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and so on...
Choose any photo you like the best and save it to your Picture library.
Internet connection is required for loading items.
Have fun ...

Sad Trombone  v.

In a boring meeting? Did someone just voice the most ridiculous suggestion known to mankind?

Celebrate their “achievement” using the sad trombone!

Updated with the sadness indicator showing you how often you played the Sad Trombone ...

FREE Cartoons  v.

FREE Cartoons! Plays streaming cartoons that are really amazing! From final fantasy to lego cartoons, a great time can be had by all! 100% Free! Just download and play Superb and Fun Cartoons! They include Gumby, Final Fantasy, MachinAnime, Anime, Halo, ...

Cartoons  v.

Cartoons plays streaming cartoons that are really funny! 100% Free always, just download and play Superb Fun Cartoon! They include Lego Cartoons, Anime, Machiname, Gumby, Halo, and many others! A great way to relax and enjoy the day! 100% Free always.

Mithra Wept Cartoons Widget  v.2.0

Mithra Wept Cartoons Widget.. Add a dash of laughter to your Dashboard with the Mithra Wept Cartoons Widget. mithrawept - Mithra Wept Cartoons.

SaD Edition Module  v.0.2

SaD Edition Modume : Stand-alone Documents Edition Module, is a generic module (for CMS/BLOGS) writen in PHP that provides read and edit richt text documents with attachements stored in one file to the WWW users.

Name-That-Toon Personalized Cartoons

Using your computer and our personalized cartoon software and supplies, you will be able to create a host of high quality personalized gifts to sell for huge profits.Your customers can choose personalized cartoon categories from professions, hobbies,sports, ...

1,000+ Cartoons  v.

NO ADS! Get over 1,000 awesome and unique background wallpapers with all your favorite cartoon heros on stage. Refresh the image daily or as often as you want! Keep your Windows Phone background interesting and fun! THERE ARE NO ANNOYING ADS!

Sad Violin  v.

Show your lack of caring for your friends' daily dramas and problems by playing them the world's saddest violin.

Simply stroke the violin chords on the screen and enjoy!

Memo Match animated Cartoons  v.

You like memory and pairs games? Tired of static pictures?
Play with animated images!
Tired of static cards? Play with moving cards!

Three different kinds of funny and cute animated images
Kitty Cat the pet, Al the Alien, and Emoto ...

Sad Man  v.3.3

In a faraway galaxy where the worlds are populated with small and round
people lived Bobbi. He was kept away from civilization and lonely.
He lived in a forest and ate local game and plants. One day he went for a
walk in the woods, but ...

SmartPic  v.3.5j

Refresh your emails with SmartPic! With SmartPic you can include cute little Smilies, animated Cartoons and other images into your emails! Choose between a hundreds of the cutest images and make sending an email an adventure. SmartPic lets you express ...


Artoonix is software to create cartoons or animated movies on your PC to "liven up" static world of simple computer drawings. With Artoonix you can: - Draw or import pictures from files. - Animate the drawings. - Record multi-track sound or insert soundtrack ...

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