Rote Counting


Calorie Counting

Calorie Counting is an easy to use program to keep an eye on your Calorie and Fat intake. Selections can be made from the provided lists. These lists can be modified by removing or adding food items.
Food items can be DeSelected until your Calorie ...

Fp Counting Game Software

Interesting fp counting computer game software tool allow user to find the golden points which Master Fp Counting use to provide hand evaluation for all your HCP, Distribution and Control points automatically. Software count, subtracts 20, put the decimal ...


RECORD (REcombination Counting and ORDering)  v.2.0

The software RECORD (REcombination Counting and ORDering) can be used for the ordering of loci on genetic linkage maps. The method minimises the total number of recombination events. The search algorithm is a heuristic procedure, combining elements of ...

Toddler Counting  v.

This is must have app for toddlers to learn counting with help of Mother's voice. It helps child to learn counting skill faster.


1. Application start with voice saying "Can you count number of........?" or "Count number of.

Counting 1-2-3  v.

Counting 123 is a educational game for kids.This application help kids to learn addition and subtration of numbers.

Counting Calories  v.

And it's for this reason that I created Counting Calories. Apps that allow you to input excruciating nutrition details are a dime a dozen, and all I've ever wanted to do is put in my calorie intake and go on with my day.

If you're like me, this ...

Counting Shapes  v.

Counting Shapes improves basic counting skills along with shape and color recognition through dynamically generated shape combinations.

Count by randomly selected shape or color, colored shapes or all shapes with Counting Shapes simple to use ...

Counting Cards  v.

This application is designed to help you practice counting cards. There are three screens for counting.

One screen shows you a single card at a time at the timing interval you select. When you pause the screen, you will see the current count.

Counting Sheep  v.

A boring(?!) counting sheep helps you fall asleep

===Change log===

Change the Rule of the game
Improve the image quality (very a little bit) ...

Counting Coins  v.

Counting Coins helps your child learn how to count change (United States). This interactive game shows coins and presents three buttons for your child to select the correct amount. You can select different coins based on your child’s ability. Start ...

Count Entyne Counting Adventure  v.1.0.1

Count Entyne Counting Adventure contains many activities to help learn numbers and counting. Match the number with the card that has that number of things on it to clear the board. The numbers are all made from petals of real roses and the objects all ...

Bubble Brains Alphabet and Counting  v.1.0

Plus a great tool to practice the alphabet and counting to 25. Use your finger to pop the bubbles (in order) in the fastest time possible. Each mistake makes the game harder to play and mo ...

Coloring Book 23: Counting Shapes  v.1.00.00

A coloring book program filled with shapes to count! 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... all the way to 50! Count basic and advanced shapes including squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, stars, math symbols, diamonds, ovals, hearts, parallelograms, pentagons, ...

Polygon Counting Tool USA  v.14.0

Polycount is an ArchiCAD 14 add-on that helps you control the number of 3D polygons in your ArchiCAD models. This tool can be used effectively if the project size or the limited physical memory of your computer makes the 3D model size a critical factor ...

Toddler Counting Flash Cards  v.

This application is a flash card app for toddlers to help them learn how to count!!!!

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